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Think of the hardest-working people you know. Chances are, one of them is a teacher! America's teachers are one of the most important pieces in the bedrock of contemporary society, and they put in long hours and a great deal of personal passion for our children.

Most teachers start with a bachelor's degree at the minimum, though many also pursue master's for specialized positions; administrative roles typically require a Ph.D. These programs nearly always require fieldwork in the form of student teaching. While some states allow for lateral entry (becoming a teacher with a degree in an unrelated field), one requirement almost always remains the same: a rigorous exam. Teaching practice tests can help prepare teachers-to-be for the actual test. A tried and true study strategy, taking teaching practice tests can give test takers the confidence they need to ace the real version.

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Teaching Practice Tests and Exams

Modern education also has the same regulations and rigorous standards as law, medicine, and other vital public industries. As a result, certifications are required to ensure consistency and efficacy, and they are achieved by completing teacher exams. Such certifications are further complicated by differing standards at the state and federal levels. Some of these exams include:

This vast array of required certifications necessitate an equally vast number of tests. Though proper preparation is obviously the key, many teachers find themselves at a loss for resources. That's where our teaching practice tests can help!

  • State Level Tests: The Florida Teacher Certification Examination, Indiana CORE Assessments for Teacher Licensure, and the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment are all unique tests for each state's unique educational requirements.

  • Special Subject Tests: many states require a specific exam for the subject you wish to teach.

  • Teacher Assistant Tests: some states require tests for teaching assistants as well as teachers, such as New York's ATAS.

  • General Tests: the Praxis exam, used almost everywhere in the US, can establish Highly Qualified status.

These just begin to scratch the surface of the teaching exams available for prospective educators. Virtually every school system in the world requires their teachers to take and pass rigorous qualifying tests to demonstrate their content knowledge, assess their classroom leadership skills, and gauge the abilities of prospective teaching candidates. Just familiarizing yourself with the format, pacing and structure of the exam can help you gain confidence in your ability to pass – which is where teaching exam prep questions can come into play.

Teaching Test Prep provides affordable online teaching practice exams for 32 major teaching certifications. These teaching exam practice tests are the closest thing you'll find to the real exam, with hundreds of subjects and over one million unique exam prep questions to simulate the real-world experience!

Part of that real-world test experience is a strict timer to capture the pressure of such an important test. It's critical to not only know the content but to be ready for the test-taking experience. That's why we offer teaching test prep resources that help examinees gain confidence in the format, structure and pacing of their exam. With the ability to take a timed version of your upcoming test, you're certain to feel more at home on test day.

However, if you're still getting the swing of things, you can completely disable our timer. Unlike the real test, you can also receive optional explanations for any and all missed questions! To make studying easier, you can pause and resume all exams, even picking them back up on a different device. And unlike most real exams, this one fits your schedule; all of our teaching practice exams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Teaching Practice Exams

You've heard the advice before: practice makes perfect. Teaching practice exams are the best way to prepare for your upcoming test. While traditional study methods like flashcards and chapter outlines can also help bolster your test prep, there's nothing as valuable as the practice test experience. Consider taking one at the start of your exam prep – the results can serve as guideposts for the remainder of your studies. While you might have expected to ace sections on math, for instance, a practice test can highlight the need to go back and review the fundamentals of algebraic equations. This kind of targeted approach to test prep ensures you're efficient with your study time.

Teaching practice tests are uniquely useful, but you don't have to take our word for it. Head to our Testimonials page for reviews of our offerings. We know you'll love the affordability, flexibility, and convenience of Exam Edge resources. If you're committed to earning a passing score on your first attempt, there's truly no better test prep tool than our practice exams.

Want to know what you're in for? Try it out! We provide free ten question sample tests in both timed and untimed formats. We want you to succeed, and we believe that you can.