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Teaching Practice Tests & Test Prep by Exam Edge

Think of the hardest-working people you know. Chances are, one of them is a teacher! America's teachers are one of the most important pieces in the bedrock of contemporary society, and they put in long hours and a great deal of personal passion for our children.

Most teachers start with a bachelor's degree at the minimum, though many also pursue master's for specialized positions; administrative roles typically require a Ph.D. These programs nearly always require fieldwork in the form of student teaching. While some states allow for lateral entry (becoming a teacher with a degree in an unrelated field), one requirement almost always remains the same: a rigorous exam. Teaching practice tests can help prepare teachers-to-be for the actual test. A tried and true study strategy, taking teaching practice tests can give test takers the confidence they need to ace the real version.

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Necessary Industry Skills

Teaching is a profession that calls for well-rounded individuals who have a passion for educating students, a deep pedagogical understanding, and years of study.

At both the state and federal levels, future teachers must pass certification exams in order to begin their careers. For example, there are NYS teacher certification tests (including the Content Specialty Tests), the TExES Texas teacher certification test, Florida teacher certification tests like the FELE and FTCE, and a host of other state-specific certification exams. Currently, 44 states also require all prospective teachers to pass the Praxis exam.

All of these tests are designed to gauge a potential teacher's ability to adequately prepare the next generation of students. They test pedagogy, strategy, conflict resolution, and a host of other disciplines that are useful in the education field.

Exam Edge provides current teaching students with teacher certification practice tests. These give you an accurate representation of the kind of score range you'd likely receive on the real certification exams and are an invaluable way to prepare for the tests.

Areas of Specialty Within Teaching

Many states also require prospective teachers to perform well on tests specific to the specialty area in which they plan on teaching. Early education, special education, and subject-specific certification are all examples of these required tests.

If you plan to teach, you're in luck. Teachers are in short supply, and there is huge demand for certified teachers in many states. Getting certified in a specialty area can help you fill a niche with a growing need, ensuring job security and giving you high wage-negotiation leverage.

The Future of Teaching

As long as there are human beings, there will be a need for teachers. Teachers instruct the next generation at all levels, from basic education on up to specialized instruction for specific careers (like engineering, computer software, the creative arts, and more). That's why being a teacher is still respected and always will be.

What does the future of teaching look like? Many experts have weighed in on education's future, with the Harvard Graduate School of Education predicting an uptick in resource allocation, an emphasis on the human connection between students and teachers, and a more globalized approach using digital technology.

Teaching Practice Exams

From Michigan to Maine and Washington state to Florida, prospective teachers must pass certification exams in order to be qualified for the job. The best method of teacher certification test preparation is taking plenty of teacher certification practice tests. Practice may not always make perfect, but it certainly helps to improve your future exam scores.

Exam Edge offers a wide range of teacher certification exam practice tests with a question bank that mirrors those used by the real exams. This gives you invaluable data, such as the areas in which you show strong knowledge and the areas that may need a bit more love during your study routine. For instance, if you're in Florida taking the FTCE, prepare first by taking a few of Exam Edge's Florida teacher certification exam practice tests. The practice test is designed to closely resemble the actual FTCE in both question format, overall distribution of subject matter, scoring ratios, and pacing.

If you're interested in seeing the quality of our exams, you're in luck! Try a free sample practice test today and get a feel for how useful our tests can be for you.