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Study with an NHA Practice Test

A National Healthcareer Association (NHA) practice test from Exam Edge provides you the opportunity to become familiar with the test questions and format on the NHA certification exam. The NHA certifies new healthcare professionals and oversees the professional development of existing medical workers, making it one of the most critical organizations in the United States. Whether you're already employed in the healthcare field or are a student finishing up coursework, improve your chances of passing the challenging NHA certification exams with NHA exam prep from Exam Edge.

See for yourself the content, format and pacing of the eight different exams by taking an NHA practice test now. Our NHA practice exams can help you determine whether you are ready to sit for these demanding exams.

The NHA is instrumental to healthcare workers' training and ongoing education, and employers are looking for NHA certification on resumés. Exam Edge's NHA test prep can provide an exceptional study guide by revealing which areas of the exam you have mastered and which need more focus. Earn certification to help you achieve the dream of a career caring for others and improving lives. Exam Edge's NHA practice tests can help you pass your exams to make your dream a reality.

Why Take NHA Certification Exams?

A passing NHA exam score is required for many positions within the medical field to work with patients. In many cases, employers will not even consider a candidate who hasn't passed their NHA exam.

Whether you dream of getting certified as a medical assistant, a pharmacy technician, or hope to work in another specialty area, there is a wide range of NHA certification exams to help kickstart your career. NHA certification can help qualify you for your dream job, and it can also help you stand out from the rest of the applicant pool. NHA certification sends a clear message to future employers: you're not only qualified, but you're also up to date on the latest healthcare industry best practices.

Who Should Take an NHA Test?

If you're hoping for a career as a phlebotomist, medical assistant, medical administrative assistant, EKG tech, health records specialist, pharmacy tech, patient care tech or a billing and coding specialist, you'll need to pass the NHA exam.

There are specific requirements for signing up for the test. In many cases, you'll need to complete the necessary coursework related to your field of interest. In others, you'll need hundreds of hours of supervised experience in the field to qualify for the exam. At the bare minimum, you'll need a GED to sit for most NHA tests. Each of the NHA tests has different qualifications. Check out the NHA's FAQ section for specific guidance on your eligibility. Be sure to complete the required coursework before registering, as passing without taking a class on the subject matter will be nearly impossible.

Even if you meet the qualifications to sit for an NHA exam, it's crucial not to sign up too hastily. These tests demand serious preparation, and without an NHA exam prep strategy in place, you could find yourself wasting valuable time and money. Try taking an Exam Edge practice test before you register for an NHA exam. The results can let you know whether it's a good idea to take such a challenging test now or if it's best to until you've mastered the material.

How to Prepare for NHA Certification

Time and time again, research proves that practice tests are one of the best forms of exam preparation. You can be a subject matter expert on any one of the NHA exam topics and still struggle to earn a high enough score. Without practice, you may fight an uphill battle against the clock, the format, and the exam structure. In order to study smarter, not harder, invest some time in practice testing.

Distributed practice is another excellent form of test preparation. Rather than pulling an all-nighter and cramming the day before your NHA exam, try breaking up your study sessions into more frequent, manageable chunks. By quizzing yourself with NHA test questions each day, you'll train your brain to retrieve the necessary information more quickly and accurately. Exam Edge resources are perfect for this study technique.

Do You Have to Take NHA Tests for Certification Renewals?

Medical research is constantly advancing. Given how frequently new treatments and techniques are developed, healthcare workers must stay on top of the latest industry best practices. NHA certification expires every two years. Thankfully, you won't need to take more NHA exams to renew your qualifications. After your certificate expires, you'll need to take continuing education courses and pay a recertification fee. Whether you're hoping to continue your career as a phlebotomy technician or as a billing and coding specialist, getting recertified is easy.

What Score is Needed to Pass NHA Tests?

All NHA exams require a score of 390 points out of 500 to pass. Thankfully, the NHA won't leave you in suspense about your score for long. You'll receive your score and a breakdown of how many questions you answered correctly immediately after completing the exam.

Unfortunately, not everyone passes the NHA exam on their first attempt. These tests can be incredibly challenging, and even those who have mastered the content may struggle with the format and the test's timing. Exam Edge can save you valuable time and money by helping ensure you pass the NHA exam the very first time you attempt it.

By taking your NHA certification exam prep seriously, you can earn an impressive score. Your NHA exam scores will send a clear message to future employers. Regardless of whether you're applying for a job as a patient care technician assistant or an EKG tech, interviewers will be eager to connect with certified candidates. Don't let a low score haunt your career. Instead, prioritize your study efforts, and you'll see the fruits of your labor in no time.

Prepare for Your NHA Test Now

NHA practice tests are the best way to prepare for your big test. With so much riding on your score, it can feel intimidating to even begin the study process. Along with traditional methods like flashcards and study guides, a practice test can give you unique insight into how you'll fare on the real thing. NHA practice tests also offer hints about what you need to study and what you've already mastered.

If you're ready to get serious about your NHA exam, allow Exam Edge to be your guide. With free sample practice tests for new users, it's no wonder so many students turn to us for help acing their exams. Get started with Exam Edge today!

Who is National Healthcareer Assoc. ?

Who is the NHA?

NHA stands for National Healthcareer Association, an organization that provides nationally recognized certifications for healthcare professionals. These certifications can significantly increase job opportunities in the healthcare field.

Steps to take NHA certification exams

Step 1: Eligibility and Application

First, you need to determine if you're eligible for the NHA certification. Eligibility typically requires specific educational, work, or military experience. To apply, visit the NHA's official website, select the certification you're interested in, review the eligibility requirements and if you meet them, fill out and submit the online application along with the necessary fees.

Step 2: Scheduling the Exam

Once your application is approved, you can schedule your exam. Log in to your NHA account, go to the 'Schedule Exam' section, and choose a suitable date and time. Exams are generally conducted at PSI testing centers, but online proctored exams are also available.

Step 3: Taking the Exam

Arrive at the testing center on your scheduled date and time, or if you're taking the online proctored exam, ensure you have a quiet, distraction-free environment. You will need a valid form of identification. Make sure to follow all instructions provided by the proctor.

Location Information

Exams are typically conducted at PSI testing centers, which are located across the United States. The NHA also offers online proctored exams that you can take from any location.


The NHA's official website is Here you can find information about the different certifications, eligibility requirements, exam scheduling, and more.

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