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How to Prepare for the NHA CCMA Test


Healthcare student studying to pass their NHA CCMA Exam

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, opportunities for medical assistants are projected to grow 19 percent over the next several years. As demand for these important healthcare workers swells, so too will the number of people seeking certification. The NHA CCMA test is one option for certification. If you're seeking help to learn how to pass the NHA CCMA exam, allow Exam Edge to be your guide!

What is the NHA CCMA Exam?

This healthcare industry certification exam is one of the most popular pathways to a career in medical assisting. Developed by the National Healthcareer Association, the NHA CCMA test measures a person's skills and knowledge so they can become a certified clinical medical assistant, or CCM.

After passing this rigorous exam, you'll be eligible to work in a healthcare setting as a medical assistant. Typical job duties include checking in patients, assisting providers with exams and procedures, taking patients' vital signs, administering injections or medications, performing EKG and other procedures, and much more.

You shouldn't take the NHA CCMA exam lightly. Without careful preparation, you might find it difficult to earn the score you need. Thankfully, there are a wide range of resources available to help you pass the very first time you attempt the exam. NHA CCMA practice tests are just one of the many excellent options for aspiring healthcare workers preparing for certification.

Who Should Take the NHA CCMA Exam?

Not just anyone can sit for the NHA CCMA. In order to register, you'll first need a high school degree or equivalent. You'll also need to successfully complete a training program or have at least one year of work experience in the healthcare field. Military service can also count towards the work experience requirement.

Even with work experience and training programs under your belt, the NHA CCMA exam can be a real challenge. To earn a passing score, you'll need to put in some serious test prep. Practice tests can help you get familiar with the content, pacing, and overall structure of the real exam. Be sure to incorporate this important tool into your NHA CCMA exam prep routine.

Tips and Tricks to Pass the NHA CCMA Exam

Interested in learning how to study for the NHA CCMA exam? We've got you covered. Time and time again, research shows a clear connection between practice testing and performance on standardized tests. From preschoolers to grad students and beyond, the strategy is incredibly effective in preparing for exams. That's because practice testing requires free recall of facts in the same way you'll need to think on the actual exam day. By making an effort to pull information from your memory, your brain learns to retrieve details more quickly. That process sets you up for success when it comes time to take the NHA CCMA.

Distributed practice is also a great strategy to employ when preparing for the NHA CCMA exam. Instead of pulling an all-nighter the day before your exam, try breaking up your study efforts into shorter, more frequent sessions. By reviewing your NHA CCMA study guide multiple times over the days and weeks leading up to your exam date, you'll be better versed in the material.

Of course, having a quality study guide to work from is just as important as how frequently you study. An NHA CCMA practice test can provide the foundation for a truly useful study guide. Detailed answer explanations for questions you got incorrect can help you understand content area blindspots you might not have realized you had. Use the explanations to craft a study guide that's tailored to your precise study needs.

NHA Exam Prep Resources

There are several resources available to prepare for certification exams like the NHA CCMA. Few are as useful or convenient as the practice exams available from Exam Edge. Our practice tests can be accessed night or day, giving you the flexibility to study on your terms. The versatility doesn't stop there. Our NHA CCMA practice tests offer you the option to take either untimed or timed versions of the exam. The untimed version gives you the freedom to take as much time as you'd like with each question. On the other hand, the timed version helps give you an idea of the pacing you'll need to maintain to answer all the questions before the exam window closes.

Given all that is riding on the outcome of your NHA CCMA exam, you'll definitely want to take advantage of our practice tests. Not sure where to start? Exam Edge offers a free sample practice exam for new users who are curious about our tests. Ready to dive right into an NHA CCMA practice test? We offer 20 different versions, each featuring 100 unique questions. Since you can take each version of the practice test up to four times, you'll have all you need to secure a passing score!