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Washington Educators Skills Tests (WEST) test prep from Exam Edge is a proven formula for exam success if you are an aspiring teacher in Washington state and need to pass the WEST before getting hired. The difference is that you can personalize our WEST practice tests to your preferred study methods. You can take the test untimed and delve into a detailed explanation of each question, or use the timer to get faster after you master the material. Whether you hope to teach middle school math, focus on special education or work in the library media center, we have the WEST assessment practice test questions to reveal your strengths and weaknesses and help inform your study sessions. Discover the Exam Edge advantage for yourself with WEST test prep.

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What are WEST exams?

Aspiring teachers must prove their mastery of the subject they wish to teach in the state of Washington. To help qualify individuals, the Washington Professional Educator Standards Board launched the WEST exams. There are two main categories of the tests: Washington Educator Skills Test–Basic, also known as the WEST-B®, and the Washington Educator Skills Test–Endorsements, or WEST-E®. The WEST-B® test examines a teaching candidate's grasp of basic reading, writing, and mathematics. The WEST-E® test examines the test-takers' knowledge of their given subject area.

WEST tests are designed to measure the skills, pedagogical talents, and content area mastery necessary for teaching. Even the best teachers sometimes struggle to take tests, though. The good news? Test-taking is a skill – with enough practice, you’re sure to ace whichever WEST test you need to pass!

Who should take WEST exams?

Anyone hoping to teach in Washington state must pass these exams. They help to verify that instructors are adequately prepared for the classroom. You should only register for a WEST test if you have the necessary experience, training, and education. The WEST-E® test is designed for those hoping to add endorsements to their existing Washington state teaching certification. The WEST-B® test, on the other hand, is for those candidates applying for state-approved educator preparation programs or those certified out-of-state.

While some may see the WEST tests as nothing more than hurdles standing between them and their future career, these exams demand thorough preparation. Studies show that practice testing is one of the most effective forms of test prep, so if you’re serious about earning a passing score, you’ll want to include practice exams in your study routine. It's important that aspiring teachers take these tests seriously and put effort into studying beforehand. WEST practice exams can help ensure that test-takers are confident going into the actual test.

What score do I need to pass the WEST exams?

Each teaching candidate in Washington must take the WEST-B® mathematics, reading, and writing exams. To pass each of these tests, you need a scaled score of 240. These three subtests have a combined time limit of five hours total. It is advised that test-takers introduce practice exams into their WEST exam prep.

Each WEST-E® exam is taken separately, with a time limit of between 120 and 150 minutes, depending on the test. Like WEST-B® tests, a required scaled score of 240 is necessary to pass WEST-E® exams. All WEST exams are taken on the computer at a designated testing center.

Scaled scores can be confusing. Rather than shooting for a specific score, it may help to prepare with content area goals in mind. Practice testing can reveal content area blind spots you didn’t know you had. By taking a WEST-B® or WEST-E® practice test and reviewing which items you got wrong, you’ll quickly see which areas warrant further study and which ones you’ve already mastered. Exam Edge® offers WEST test prep options to ensure you're ready for any question that comes your way. From Biology to Business, Science to Special Education, there is a helpful practice test just a click away.

How to prepare for WEST exams

If you're an aspiring teacher in Washington, you owe it to yourself to be as prepared as possible for your WEST exams. With so much on the line for your future career, it pays to study hard. Of course, traditional study methods like notetaking can only get you so far. WEST-E® and WEST-B® practice exams are a more thorough way to prepare. Studies show that practice tests can help you reinforce knowledge and train your brain to access information more quickly.

No matter what subject you dream of teaching, Exam Edge® is here to help. With so many excellent resources at your fingertips, you’re sure to pass your WEST tests the first time you take them – if you prepare thoroughly, of course! Try a free sample practice test today!

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Before educators in the state of Washington can take the lead at the front of the classroom, they must first demonstrate their mastery of key pedagogical ideas and the content area they hope to teach. Washington Educators Skills Tests give teachers the opportunity to do just that. If you're preparing for an upcoming WEST exam, be sure to factor a WEST free practice test into your study routine. Practice tests can help you familiarize yourself with the content and pacing of the exam while also providing important feedback about your odds of passing the real test. Take a WEST free practice test with Exam Edge today!

Who is Washington Educator Skills Tests ?

WEST stands for the Washington Educator Skills Test. It is a group of standardized tests used for those planning to become teachers in the state of Washington, U.S.A. These exams ensure that potential educators have the necessary basic skills and subject-specific knowledge to teach in Washington's public schools.

Step 1: Eligibility and Application

To be eligible to take a WEST exam, you must be pursuing a career in education, either as a student in a teacher preparation program or as a professional seeking certification. You can apply for the WEST exams via the official website. You need to create an account and then select the exam you wish to take.

Step 2: Scheduling the Exam

Once your application is approved, you can schedule your exam. Exams are administered by appointment, year-round, Monday through Saturday. Specific test dates and locations depend on where and when the testing centers are open. You can schedule your exam through your online account.

Step 3: Taking the Exam

On the day of your exam, make sure to arrive at the testing center early with all the necessary materials. Follow the instructions provided by the test center staff. After the exam, your scores will be sent to you via your online account.

The tests are usually taken at Pearson VUE testing centers, which are scattered throughout Washington state, and even in other states for those who live outside of Washington.

For more information about WEST exams, including how to register and prepare for the exams, visit their official website: