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NCC Practice Tests & Exam Prep Resources

The National Certification Corporation (NCC) designs and administers certification for nurses. NCC certification has been around since 1975 and has been awarded to nearly 200,000 healthcare professionals. If you're preparing for an exam, an NCC practice test from Exam Edge can be immensely helpful.

NCC tests consist of core certifications (inpatient obstetric nursing, low-risk neonatal nursing, maternal newborn nursing, neonatal intensive care nursing), nurse practitioner certification (neonatal nurse practitioner, women's healthcare nurse practitioner), as well as subspecialties (electronic fetal monitoring, neonatal pediatric transport). Such certificates serve as quick signifiers of expertise, but only if you pass your NCC exam. Get help with NCC test prep. With practice NCC tests, you can see the exam format and learn which areas you need to focus on before exam day. You can trust NCC practice tests from Exam Edge to get you ready. Find everything you need for NCC exam prep today.

What are NCC tests?

The National Certification Corporation is an organization that designs and administers certification for nurses across the country. NCC certification has been around since 1975 and has been awarded to nearly 200,000 healthcare professionals.

Specialty and subspecialty certifications allow nurses, physicians, and other healthcare workers to demonstrate that they have acquired the skills necessary to help mothers and babies in specific situations. For example, you can get a subspecialty in "care of the extremely low birth weight neonate." Such certifications serve as quick signifiers of expertise, but only if you pass your NCC exam.

Who should take NCC tests?

Not all nurses need to take NCC exams. In fact, only those seeking to specialize in the care of expectant mothers and their babies should register for NCC tests. While NCC certifications are often required of such professionals, not all positions require passing scores. For many of the NCC certification exams, you'll need to be a current registered nurse in order to sit for the test. NCC exam prep should be undertaken only if test-takers are indeed eligible for the exam.

Nurses are just one group of professionals who take NCC tests. Doctors, paramedics, nurse midwives, and other healthcare professionals can benefit from getting certified through the NCC. Before registering for any exam, though, ensure you are eligible for the test by checking the official NCC website.

What score do I need to pass the NCC tests?

Unlike other standardized tests, NCC exams have no set percentage passing level. Instead, ability levels are calculated for each test-taker based on the number of questions they answer correctly. Incorrect answers do not count against your score. Made up of 175 questions, the core examinations are pass/fail. Along with your score results, you'll also receive feedback on content areas ranging from very weak to very strong. The scoring is the same for subspeciality tests, which consist of 125 questions. NCC test prep can ensure you receive a passing score on whichever exam you decide to take.

How to prepare for the NCC tests

There is no better way to prepare for the NCC exams than by taking NCC exam practice tests. We feature hundreds of unique questions to challenge you in the same ways the NCC exams will. By facing items from across content areas, you'll be better prepared to tackle questions that the NCC throws your way. When you are engaging in NCC exam prep, you'll need to focus on the specialty or subspecialty for which you intend to test. Each NCC test has its own breakdown of subjects, but we can take the Maternal Newborn Nursing certification as an example of what to expect.

This test covers maternal postpartum assessment and education, maternal postpartum complications, management of newborns, newborn complications, and a minor section on pregnancy, birth risk factors, and complications. These are highly specialized areas of expertise, so your preparation needs to be equally comprehensive. That's where our practice NCC exams can help.

Get Practice Exams to Prepare for NCC Certification

Practice tests are proven to help you pass credentialing and certification exams. One of the most important aspects is that our practice exams feature direct feedback for incorrect answers. This allows you to narrow your focus and personalize your NCC certification study guide. You'll gain an accurate sense of where your knowledge base stands and you'll know precisely which subjects and question types you need to review.

At Exam Edge, our timed versions of practice exams simulate the real exam experience. Not only does this help your pacing (answering the questions within the allotted time), but it also familiarizes you with the pressure of exam day. Once you're ready to take the actual certification test, you'll enter with confidence.

If you aspire to provide care to mothers and newborns, consider earning NCC certification and staking out a specialty or subspecialty. Exam Edge has all the resources you need to ace your test and carve out a successful career providing some of the most important healthcare services. Purchase a set of NCC practice exams to get started on your test prep or download a free sample to see just how our practice questions work.

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