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Why Practice Tests Help You Pass Your Certification Exam


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Why should you take practice exams

When you're studying for a professional exam, there are so many resources to consider: flash cards, private tutoring, online forums, etc. One part of your study routine that is often overlooked but necessary to give you the best chance of success is taking practice tests.

While finding quality information online for tests like the Praxis and AANP can be confusing, at best, practice tests are relatively easy to find and come with a whole host of advantages. If you're on the fence about whether or not you should take practice tests, consider these reasons why they're a great idea.

Practice Tests Help You Evaluate Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Humans tend to only focus on the things that they excel at while ignoring their weaknesses, and students are no different. While it might be tempting to give yourself confidence by focusing on your strengths, the only way you'll improve is by isolating and working on your weaknesses. Practice tests help you do that by showing you in real time where you're strongest and where you need to improve.

Practice Tests Help You Feel Better About the Real Test

Test anxiety is a real thing, and for those who suffer from it, taking a test can be as much about conquering self as it is about understanding the material. Whether you're thinking about going into the service industry, nursing, dental, or teaching, taking a practice test can help you feel better about the actual day by putting you in an environment that mimics the real thing. The more practice tests you have under your belt, the more comfortable you'll feel when you walk in on test day.

For more information on the benefits of practice tests, please enjoy this video by NewsWatch

Practice Tests are a Great Way to Learn the Material

While flash cards and tutoring can help you learn the material, practice tests can help you conceptualize and understand the real concepts that can make the difference. Most likely, the real test will not be a simple recitation of facts, but an application of the information you learned in the books to real-life situations. Practice tests add another dimension onto your learning by helping you process the data beforehand.

Practice Tests Can Help Familiarize You With the Test Itself

Part of the challenges with test days will be understanding how to use the software and interface with the questions, whether it's multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, or essay. When you take a practice test, you familiarize yourself with the way the test itself will be structured and become better prepared to answer the questions at hand.

Practice Tests Help You Space Out the Learning

One of the most important things you can do in preparation for the actual test is to start as soon as possible, and a good way to cement the things you learn, as well as revisit them over time, is by taking practice tests throughout your study period. A comprehensive practice exam close to testing day can stimulate your mind into remembering the material from early in your study period that may have gone dormant.

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