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Healthcare Practice Tests & Exam Questions

Get the most comprehensive healthcare practice tests with Exam Edge. We provide the most up-to-date healthcare practice exams and test prep to ensure you'll succeed on test day.

There are few job fields as fundamental to society as those in the healthcare industry. Since humans have been getting hurt for as long as we have existed, there has always been a need for healthcare. Even with modern medicine and cutting-edge technology, it is crucial to have the most qualified experts practicing in facilities around the world. This need for highly trained and capable professionals arises from the field's inherent stressors, costs, and life-or-death stakes. Accordingly, there is a demand for just about every kind of healthcare specialist out there. Exam Edge has you covered with our comprehensive healthcare practice tests to prepare you to work in the healthcare field.

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The healthcare industry encompasses many sub-categories, depending on your area of expertise. Such professions may include general physicians, nurses, technicians, medical assistants, therapists, educators, and specialists for very part of the body you can imagine. Each branch within the healthcare industry has its own inner workings, since certain sections may require different machinery, pharmaceuticals, practices, each of which in turn require various levels of assistants and experts in their own right. While all of these various roles collaborate to pursue the same goal of helping patients, they require different degrees of education, hands-on training, and certifications. If it seems a bit overwhelming, don't worry! Here at Exam Edge, we have a variety of healthcare test prep for your particular field.

Healthcare Practice Tests and Exams

Becoming a healthcare professional of any kind requires years of dedicated training and education. However, since there are so many various professions within this field, it is also a unique industry with many programs and specialty tracks for you to explore. Generally, most healthcare positions will require at least an associate degree, as well as further training for the specific field of medicine or care you will be pursuing. More positions require a bachelor's degree in a related subject and even more may require further years of medical school, examinations, and on-the-job training. The level of education and preparation you have typically corresponds to the level position you reach. Depending on your personal career goals, you may wish to survey the various fields and find one that works best for you! No matter your aspirations, healthcare practice exams can help to prepare you for certifying tests.

For instance, medical doctors require a bachelor's degree, must complete medical school, finish a residency program, obtain a license from the state, and then acquire any other specialized certifications they desire. This track includes hands-on training as well as exams such as the Medical College Admissions Test and the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination. Other career paths within the healthcare industry offer their own programs and educational opportunities, which in turn require their own licenses, certificates, and degrees. On the bright side, offers dozens of healthcare practice tests that will prepare you for any and all of the exams you may face, including:

  • Health Occupations Basic Entrance Tests
  • AMT Certified Medical Lab Assistant Exams
  • NCCT ECG Technician Tests
  • NHA Certified Nurse Technicians Tests
  • ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence Speech-Language Pathology Tests
  • And many more!

Healthcare Test Prep

With so many various career paths within the industry, you'll definitely find several useful healthcare practice tests on Our site has 197 subjects with 3,150 unique exams totaling 302,600 questions from 49 testing groups. We have dozens of healthcare practice exams alone! Feel free to check out our extensive array of healthcare test prep materials to find the topic that best suits your needs.

Once you select the test you'd like to try out, we offer several options for each healthcare practice exam. These include both timed and untimed tests designed for all stages of your healthcare test prep. If you're still focusing on the basics, consider an untimed exam that also includes answer explanations, so you can get the questions correct next time. If you're an expert on the topic and are looking for a truly realistic experience, select a timed exam and see how you would perform on the actual test. Additionally, we understand that everyone has their own schedule and studying habits. That's why all healthcare test prep materials on are accessible 24/7, so you can pause and resume your tests on any device at your convenience.

Healthcare Practice Exams

Are you unsure about trying healthcare practice tests? Are you anxious about how to best plan your healthcare test prep? Try out our ten question sample exams for free, available in both timed and untimed formats to best fit your healthcare practice exam needs.