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What to Know About the HESI Psych Mental Health Exam


What To Know About The HESI Psych Mental Health Exam header

Modern healthcare has made great strides in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems. Part of this success and ongoing progress is due to the rigorous testing that healthcare professionals undergo to ensure patient safety and high-qualify treatment. One of the important tests you'll need to take in order to begin your career as a nurse is the HESI Psych Mental Health exam.

Used by many nursing programs throughout the country, the HESI Psych exam prepares nurse practitioners for careers that will put them in contact with many patients who have mental health issues. While this is a huge responsibility, the test is designed to accurately gauge your ability to provide excellent care to the people who need it most. At Exam Edge, we provide HESI Psych practice exams so that you understand everything you need to know to pass your test with flying colors.

What Are HESI Certification Exams?

The HESI exams were created by a group known as Health Education Systems, Inc. However, Health Education Systems, Inc. merged with Elsevier, which is the group that now creates and administers new tests like the HESI Psych Mental Health exam. These exams are used by most nursing programs across the country to survey students' readiness for higher-level coursework, determine admissions into certain advanced programs, and prepare students for the official licensing and certification exams like the NCLEX.

While some available exams, like the HESI A2 admissions exam or the HESI Fundamentals, are more generalized, others like the HESI Psych exam are in-depth dives into specific areas of study.

What to Expect on the HESI Psych Mental Health Test

Exam Edge is here to tell you what you can expect on the HESI Psych Mental Health exam. For starters, the test is broken down into 100 questions, typically in multiple choice format. The HESI Psychiatric Exam questions cover topics like policies, your professional role as a mental health nurse, defining the nurse-patient relationship, disease prevention, and more. Over half of the test examines your knowledge of clinical management and the assessment of acute and chronic illnesses.

The test is scored on a scale that goes up to 1200, with 750 usually being the score that most nursing programs consider "passing." But don't panic! Exam Edge has the tools you need to boost your score on the HESI Psych test.

Should You Take the HESI Psych Mental Health Exam?

Now that we've gone over what HESI is and what they do, the next question is whether or not you should take the Psych Mental Health HESI. If you are heading into a career that will involve care to mental health patients, the test is an absolute must. Not only that, but your nursing program likely requires it in order to graduate. Gear up for the exam with help from Exam Edge and unlock the next chapter of your nursing career!

How to Prepare for the HESI Psych Mental Health Exam

There are no two ways about it: you've got to work hard to do well on any HESI test. There is a reason that these exams are used to gauge students' readiness for the next step in their careers - and that's because they are challenging and cover many of the important topics you need to know in order to deliver high-quality healthcare.

Traditional preparation methods are, of course, very useful. You can make flashcards covering key topics or vocabulary words you'll need to define, form study groups with other nurses who will take the test, and get your hands on a Psychiatric Nursing HESI exam study guide. At Exam Edge, we believe the best way to prepare yourself for the real test is to take as many Psychiatric Mental Health HESI practice exams as possible.

Our HESI Psych practice exams are designed to mimic the real deal in practically every way. We use the same format of 100 multiple choice questions, the exams are timed in the same manner as the actual HESI exams, and the tests are scored just like the real thing. This not only helps you become accustomed to the pacing and style of the test, reducing your test anxiety, but it gives you an accurate look at how you're likely to perform on the actual HESI Psych exam. You'll see which areas are your strengths and in which areas you struggle, allowing you to shift your study focus.

This is a significant improvement over simple study guides or flashcards, which can help you memorize content but do not give you definitive information about where your weaknesses lie. Use our HESI Psych Mental Health practice exams in conjunction with other avenues of study in order to properly construct effective study habits and get a true feel for how the exam will go. That's how to pass the HESI Psych exam.

Your HESI Psych Mental Health Exam Resources

The age of the internet provides us with a wealth of online resources, and the HESI Psych Mental Health exam is no exception. You can find important information about the test on Elsevier's Next Generation portal, which has data on previous exam results, remediation information, and more. There are also online support groups consisting of other nurses who are preparing for the HESI Psych test, and you can chat, trade notes, and discuss tips for passing the exam there.

Exam Edge has all the resources you need to pass the test right here. We provide 30 different and distinctive Psych HESI practice exams with a total of 3,000 questions. Purchase a packet of tests, take as many of them as you can, and watch as your score not only grows, but you become accustomed to the types of questions and subject matter you can expect on the real exam.

There's an even better offer - if you haven't worked with Exam Edge before and are unfamiliar with our practice tests, you don't just have to take our word for their effectiveness. Get a HESI Psychiatric Mental Health practice exam today. It's a sample version of our larger tests that can show you just how in-depth and comprehensive our practice exams truly are.

Ready to get all the information you need to be successful on the HESI Psych Mental Health exam and in your career as a mental health nurse practitioner? Get your practice exams today!