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FTCE Practice Tests by Exam Edge | Updated 2020


Teachers are among society's hardest working professionals. In order to work as a classroom teacher in Florida, however, professionals will need more than just a great work ethic. To get certified, all Florida educators must pass the Florida Teacher Certification Exam, or FTCE. Far from a one-size-fits-all test, this group of exams consists of general knowledge, professional education, and specific subject area tests. No matter your area of expertise, taking FTCE practice tests is a smart way to prepare.

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           FTCE General Knowledge (082)
           FTCE General Knowledge English Language (826)
           FTCE General Knowledge Math (828)
           FTCE General Knowledge Reading (827)
           FTCE Professional Education (083)
           FTCE Art K-12 (001)
           FTCE Biology 6-12 (002)
           FTCE Business Education 6-12 (051)
           FTCE Chemistry 6-12 (003)
           FTCE Earth-Space Science 6-12 (008)
           FTCE Educational Media Specialist K-12 (010)
           FTCE Elementary Education K-6 (060)
           FTCE Elementary Education K-6 - Language Arts and Reading (601)
           FTCE Elementary Education K-6 - Mathematics (604)
           FTCE Elementary Education K-6 - Science (603)
           FTCE English 6-12 (013)
           FTCE Health K-12 (019)
           FTCE Hearing Impaired K-12 (020)
           FTCE Humanities K-12 (022)
           FTCE Marketing 6-12 (057)
           FTCE Mathematics 6-12 (026)
           FTCE Physics 6-12 (032)
           FTCE Reading K-12 (035)
           FTCE Social Science 6-12 (037)
           FTCE Spanish K-12 (039)
           FTCE Speech 6-12 (041)

What are FTCE Tests?

When people mention the Florida Teacher Certification Exam, or FTCE, they're typically referring to the general knowledge test. A passing score is required of every classroom teacher working in the Sunshine State. Other FTCE tests include the professional education exam, often taken by administrators like principals and vice principals, and the subject area FTCE tests that help qualify high school level educators. Regardless of which test you need to pass, it's a good idea to take several FTCE practice exams to prepare.

Who Should Take FTCE Tests?

The FTCE tests are taken by every classroom teacher working in Florida's public schools. School administrators aren't exempt, either – they typically need a passing score on the professional education exam in order to work as a principal or vice principal in Florida. Subject area FTCE tests are recommended for anyone working with middle or high school educators who are hoping to specialize in a particular subject. Thorough FTCE exam prep is necessary for a passing score on each of these tests.

What Score Do I Need to Pass FTCE Tests?

In order to pass the general knowledge FTCE test, you'll need to score at least 200 points out of a possible 300. This same score is required of those taking the professional education and the subject area exams, too. To ensure you pass your exam on the first attempt, be sure to include practice tests in your FTCE test prep.

How to Prepare for FTCE Tests

The FTCE group of exams are vital in qualifying educators for their roles in Floridian schools. In order to earn a passing score, it's important not to underestimate how challenging these tests are. Since a passing score on the FTCE test is necessary to earn your teacher's license in Florida, there's a lot riding on your results. FTCE exam practice tests can help you gauge how prepared you are for the real test.

FTCE practice tests are a great way to boost your confidence and ensure you're ready to pass the exam. Use Exam Edge's practice exams to understand how you would perform on the test if you took it today. Then, use your results to create a study schedule, identify gaps in your knowledge, and understand which questions you missed and why. When used this way, FTCE practice tests can give you a real leg up on your exam.

The best part? Exam Edge offers a free sample practice exam to all new users! Get started now and see just how effective our resources can be on your FTCE scores!