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How to Pass The FTCE Exam: What you need to know


How to Pass the FTCE Exam: What You Need to Know

You've finally reached the finish line. After years of coursework, internships and late night study sessions, you've received your diploma and are ready to begin teaching. Before you start stocking school supplies for your classroom, though, there's one final hurdle to jump: the Florida Teacher Certification Exams. A passing score on one or more of the FTCE exams is frequently required for educators seeking licensure in Florida. They help qualify new teachers and ensure they possess the skills and knowledge necessary for professional practice.

As with the countless other exams you've taken throughout your academic career, the FTCE warrants serious preparation. Traditional study methods will get you far, but if you want to ensure a passing score on your first attempt, it may help to employ some special FTCE certification exam study strategies. Before getting ahead of ourselves, though, let's explore what to expect on the FTCE exams.

What to Expect on the FTCE exam

Designed to gauge the classroom readiness of new educators in Florida, the FTCE series of exams span a wide range of subject areas and content. Regardless of whether you hope to teach reading, chemistry, or special education, there's an FTCE certification exam to pass before you can earn your Florida teaching license. Even administrators must prove their knowledge on the FTCE professional exam.

How to Study

By this point in your academic career, you're well-versed in the art of test prep. While you've certainly taken your fair share of exams, few are as important as the FTCE. Given how much is riding on your results, it's a good idea to up the ante on your traditional study methods. No matter how confident you are in your ability to pass, forgoing preparation entirely is a bad idea. To understand what you're up against, try taking a few FTCE exam practice tests. The results can highlight gaps in your knowledge and provide focus for your study sessions.

Once you understand which topics deserve special focus, set aside time in your schedule for studying. Don't just assume you'll find the time – actually sit down and schedule set start times for yourself. Consider where you'll study, what supplies you'll need, and who you might like to invite to work alongside you in the library or coffee shop. While you might be eager to find a silver bullet for how to pass the FTCE exam, there is no shortcut. Employ a combination of reading, note-taking, outlining, flashcards and FTCE practice exams, and you'll be well on your way to a passing score.

Test-Taking Strategies to Try

While you're brushing up on the content you'll need to know on the FTCE, spend time reviewing test-taking strategies, too. By now, you're likely familiar with tried and true strategies like the process of elimination. There are others worth delving into, though, especially given how important it is to earn a passing score. For instance, try answering FTCE exam questions in your mind before reading each answer choice. You may surprise yourself and find the correct answer at the top of your mind. Without getting bogged down by the options, your brain can make more incisive choices and deliver the right answer virtually instantaneously.

Pacing is crucially important on the FTCE. Keep the time limit of your exam in mind as you prepare. The FTCE ESE exam, for instance, allots just 2 hours and 30 minutes for registrants to answer 120 multiple-choice questions. While that may seem like plenty of time at first, time moves fast once you're in the testing center. To ensure you're working at a fast enough pace to answer each question thoughtfully, take a few FTCE exam practice tests and get comfortable with the time ticking down. The psychological advantage alone is worth the time you'll spend on FTCE practice exams!

Your FTCE Exam Secret Weapon

While there's no silver bullet for acing the FTCE exam on your first attempt, there are certain advantages you can give yourself. Examinees who study will have a natural advantage over those who do not, so taking time out to review your content area is a good first step. The other major advantage at your disposal? FTCE exam practice tests of course!

Research shows that practice tests are one of the best forms of study available. While flashcards and outlining might help jog your memory and keep facts fresh in your mind, practice tests challenge your brain to retrieve information in the same way it will need to on the day of the FTCE. The feedback you receive after completing a practice test is also incredibly useful, as it highlights the areas that warrant more attention and confirm your progress as you study. There's nothing quite as motivating as improving upon your practice test scores week after week.

Try a Sample Practice Test Now

If you're curious about how an FTCE exam practice test can bolster your study efforts, try a free sample right now! You'll quickly see how easy our resources are to tailor to your exact preferences. For instance, if you're eager to practice FTCE exam pacing, you can turn on the clock and limit yourself to the same testing period you'll be tied to on exam day. Or, if you prefer a low pressure version of our practice exams, you can opt to pause questions and take notes or look up answer choices at your own speed. Regardless of which strategy you employ, you'll receive detailed answers to each question at the end.

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