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5 Strategies to Pass the Praxis Elementary Education Exam


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For years, you've been training for the opportunity to teach elementary school. With only one final test between you and your dream career, preparation is paramount. The Praxis Elementary Education Exam shouldn't be underestimated. Created to qualify new elementary school teachers for professional licensure, the test will challenge you on your knowledge of math, science, English and social studies. Few exams are as rigorous as this one!

Comprised of both selected-response and numeric-entry questions, this version of the Praxis is broken up into subtests. 90 minutes are allotted for the math section, and another 60 minutes each for the science and social studies portions. Given you'll be testing for more than four hours, it pays to practice your pacing along with traditional study methods. The following strategies for the Praxis Elementary Education Exam can help you prepare:

Take a Practice Exam First

While you might be tempted to leap head first into Praxis Elementary Education Exam prep, beginning before you truly understand your goals could be a mistake. A practice exam can help you identify problem areas and highlight specific topics worthy of your attention. For instance, you may assume you should center your studies around the algebraic equations that comprise the math subtest of the Praxis. You might waste weeks of studying and take a practice test, only to find you're far better at solving for X than you imagined! Make the most of your time and study smarter, not harder. As soon as you register for the Praxis, be sure to take a practice exam for insight into your content area blind spots.

Dedicate Time to Daily Practice

Studies show that practice testing is one of the best forms of test prep available. Another key strategy for preparing for the Praxis? Distributed practice. While you might be tempted to cram as much study time as possible into the days immediately leading up to your exam, studies show it's more effective to spread your efforts across several weeks or even months. 30 minutes of review each day can be a far better use of your time than marathon library sessions.

Of course, you know yourself best. If you find yourself thriving in a last minute, high pressure cram session, then by all means, hunker down with flashcards the night before the exam. To ensure you pass on your first attempt at the Praxis Elementary Education Exam, though, it's a good idea to spend a few minutes each day with the material. Incorporating both strategies is a great way to prepare!

Prioritize Self-Care Before the Test

Ahead of your Praxis test date, be sure you're getting enough sleep and eating a nutritious diet. Your score depends heavily on your ability to recall facts and figures as quickly as possible. This skill is difficult to employ when you're feeling tired, hungry or stressed. By prioritizing self-care ahead of your exam, you'll walk into the testing center with confidence

Answer Every Question

The Praxis Elementary Education Exam challenges examinees on what they know but also on how quickly they can recall the information. On the Reading subtest, for instance, you'll have just 90 minutes to address 80 questions. Time management is crucial to success on the Praxis, and practice testing can help you understand the pace you must maintain to perform well on test day. Should you complete the exam with time to spare, it's worth reviewing your answers before submitting. While this may seem like common sense, many Praxis examinees feel pressured to submit their test as soon as possible. Ignore the ticking of the clock and instead take your time to review as thoroughly as possible. Just be sure you've answered all the questions before you begin the review process!

Try a Free Sample Practice Test Now

There's no hard and fast rules about preparing for qualifying exams, but these strategies for the Praxis Elementary Education Exam can go a long way to ensure your success. If you take anything away from this piece, be sure to try your hand at a few practice exams ahead of your test date. They shed valuable light on what you know, what you don't know, and where you could stand to learn more. Exam Edge offers new users the chance to try a free sample practice test. If you're curious about how our resources can help boost your Praxis test preparation efforts, click here and preview our tools. With both untimed and timed options at your disposal, test prep has never been so convenient!