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A Guide to Passing the Praxis Elem Ed Mathematics Exam


A Guide to Passing the Praxis Elem Ed Mathematics Exam Header

Before teachers can begin working with students directly, they must first demonstrate a mastery of the concepts, knowledge and skills necessary for the position. Many states have implemented qualifying exams for new teachers ahead of their first year in the classroom. The Praxis Elementary Education Mathematics Exam is just one of the many options available for new teachers. Specifically designed to measure the classroom readiness of elementary teachers, this challenging test is just one arm of a four-part mu

The 65 minute test is comprised of 50 selected-response questions. Examinees will have to work quickly if they hope to perform well, as the testing window is narrow and doesn't leave much time for second-guessing oneself. Though the content of the exam is fairly straightforward – expect questions on numbers, algebraic thinking, geometry, measurement and probability – it's important not to underestimate the Praxis. A passing score is often required of new teachers before they become officially licensed, so there's a lot riding on your performance!

Preparing for the Praxis Elementary Education Mathematics Exam

There are several important ways to ensure you're adequately prepared for all the Praxis Elementary Education Mathematics Exam has in store. For starters, make sure you've completed the bachelor's degree program associated with your teaching track. Without taking the right classes and completing your education degree first, you will be in for a difficult examination experience.

Your performance on the Praxis>/ depends largely on how much time you spend preparing for the test. Walk into the testing center on the day of the exam and you'll no doubt struggle. With enough advance preparation and studying, though, you can pass this portion of the exam with ease. Follow study guides, develop a review group with classmates and other aspiring educators, and chunk the test concepts up into easily digestible groups. Before you know it, you'll be ready to take and pass the Praxis with flying colors.

Why Take Praxis Practice Tests

No matter how you choose to study for the Praxis Elementary Education Mathematics Exam, it's important to incorporate practice testing into your routine. Practice tests are one of the best study tools available, since they provide real-time feedback on your mastery of the exam's key concepts. They also give examinees the chance to familiarize themselves with the format and pacing of the test. There's truly no better way to prepare for your Praxis than by taking a few practice exams ahead of your test date.

Studies repeatedly show that practice tests are one of the most effective forms of study. To make the most out of your practice tests, take one at the beginning of your Praxis test preparations. The results will indicate how much of an effort you'll need to put into studying ahead of the real exam. Detailed explanations for each incorrect item can shape the beginnings of your study schedule. Practice tests are the ideal way to identify gaps in your knowledge and hone in on the areas that demand your attention most.

In order to secure a passing score on your Praxis exam, it's important to track your progress as you study. Practice tests are a great way to gauge your performance growth during the test preparation process. Benchmark your progress by charting your starting score, your score about a week before the test, and your score the day before the exam. There's no wrong way to take a practice test, but this strategy is especially helpful for those hoping to bolster their Praxis Elementary Education Mathematics Exam scores.

Other Strategies to Try

Given all that's riding on your Praxis score, it's important to implement several study strategies ahead of your exam. Many people struggle with math anxiety, allowing their fear of failing to interfere with their ability to perform. This makes distributed practice one of the best weapons in the arsenal of examinees. Rather than cramming ahead of the Praxis, try to dedicate a half hour a day to solving practice questions. Familiarizing yourself with the rhythm of math questions can help you fall into a flow state when it comes to the day of the test!

Self-explanation can also help you better understand the key concepts that comprise the Praxis Elementary Education Mathematics Exam. If you find yourself struggling with a particular type of problem, break the question down into segments and explain the parts aloud to yourself. Teaching yourself the way you will teach future students is a great way to gain confidence in your abilities and refresh your mathematical skills.

Take a Practice Praxis Elementary Education Mathematics Exam Now

Exam Edge offers free sample practice tests for new users who are eager to learn about our resources. Click here to try your hand at our practice tests - utilize the timer to see how pacing impacts your performance, or take as long as you need to answer each question. Either way, you'll receive a full report with explanations for why you got certain questions wrong. This can provide the foundation for an excellent study guide!