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SLP Praxis Study Guide: How to Prepare for the Praxis Speech-Language Pathology Test


How to Prepare for the SLP Praxis Exam With Practice Tests & More | Exam Edge

To become an American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) certified speech-language pathologist (SLP), you must first pass the Praxis Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) test.

Exam Edge offers interactive Praxis Speech-Language Pathology practice exams to prepare for your upcoming test or if you are looking for an SLP Praxis study guide to get a head start on the speech pathology and the Praxis exam, you have come to the right place. We are committed to your success every step of your credentialing journey and have compiled helpful information about the SLP Praxis exam for you. Keep reading to learn how to best prepare for the test to become a speech pathologist with Exam Edge.

The SLP Praxis Exam & ASHA

The SLP Praxis exam has multiple choice and constructed response questions covering the following ASHA-consistent topics with equal weight:

  • Foundations and Professional Practice
  • Screening, Assessment, Evaluation and Diagnosis
  • Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of Treatment

As the SLP Praxis exam commissioner, what does ASHA recommend to test takers? Well, its advice is consistent with all exam prep best practices—get familiar with what to expect, make a study plan and use test prep materials. Let's take a closer look at each suggestion.

1. Know What to Expect With Speech-Language Pathology Praxis Practice Tests

Educational research is clear on why taking practice tests will help you pass. There's a difference between knowing the content and applying your knowledge to answer exam questions quickly. Test-taking is a skill, and like any skill, it must be practiced. Get introduced to the content and format of the exam with SLP Praxis practice tests from Exam Edge. Your practice test results will show your areas of strength and weakness, giving you direction in creating your study plan. You'll know where to spend your time preparing and can plan for it appropriately.

2. Make an SLP Praxis Exam Study Plan

Map out your success by creating your own SLP Praxis exam study plan using your SLP Praxis practice test results and your schedule. Here are the steps to tailoring your personal study plan:

  1. 1Get a paper or digital weekly planner or calendar. Whatever form it takes, have a visual of your schedule that you can edit.
  2. Fill in your weekly schedule with your existing schedule. Include times you typically sleep, eat, commute, work, attend school, care for pets or children, engage in hobbies or otherwise spend your time.
  3. Find the time in your schedule to study and dedicate those times to the SLP Praxis exam.
  4. Write actionable goals around improving your weakest performance areas from the SLP Praxis practice test results. For example, if you scored lowest on the Screening section, a well-aligned goal would be to review communication, feeding and swallowing disorders and create a mind map to represent each type visually. Take a Praxis Speech-Language Pathology practice test now if you still need results for this step.
  5. Use your planned study time to meet your written goals. You know exactly what to do and when to do it.

3. Continue to Use Test Prep Materials, Including Praxis Speech Pathology Practice Tests

You took an SLP Praxis practice test from Exam Edge to inform your study plan, you studied what you needed to do your best, and now it's time to take this comprehensive examination.

A recent study on the "testing effect," well-documented improved test performance after a practice test, found it's at its strongest within the week before the big exam. Plan to take another SLP Praxis practice test one to six days before test day.

There are other benefits to using test prep materials. One of the main challenges of the SLP Praxis exam is the timing. You have 150 minutes to answer 132 questions, meaning you need to work quickly from the moment the timer starts. It's essential to find practice tests that simulate the timing of the actual exam so that you can be fully prepared.

The last benefit is the reduction of test anxiety. You have been working hard for a long time and likely have a lot riding on your exam results. The more prepared you are for the SLP Praxis exam, the more confident you will feel on test day. Practice some breathing exercises, prepare fully and know that you have got this!

Begin the SLP Praxis Study Guide With SLP Praxis Practice Tests From Exam Edge

Here at Exam Edge, we know how vital your speech-language pathology Praxis exam scores are for your future, so we created a first-class SLP Praxis practice test program to help you pass. What makes our Praxis practice tests different is the option to take your exams three different ways—timed, no time limit and with explanation—so that you can customize your study to your needs. And, with our five-test bundle, you have plenty of tests to take throughout your test prep. Start your SLP Praxis study guide today!