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How to Study for the Praxis II Exam: Tips for Passing


How to Study for the Praxis II Exam

It's time to take the Praxis Subject Assessments, or Praxis II exams, for teaching certification and professional licensure in your state. This means you need to be ready to demonstrate your subject-specific content knowledge and general teaching skills. If you are curious about how to study for the Praxis II exam, we're here to help. Your future is riding on passing the Praxis, so be prepared with the best test prep and Praxis tips from Exam Edge.

What Is the Praxis II Exam?

In 2016, the Praxis II exams became the Praxis Subject Assessments. This group of tests measures teaching skills specific to academic subjects and includes another group of tests, The Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) tests, which assess grade-level pedagogy like classroom management and learning theory in the following grade ranges:

  • Early Childhood (Pre-K)
  • Kindergarten through 6th grade
  • 5th through 9th grade
  • 7th through 12th grade

The Praxis Subject Assessments vary in length, from one to four hours, and structure – the test includes selected and constructed response questions, or both. On the other hand, any PLT is two hours and has 70 multiple-choice questions and four short essay questions.

Those seeking elementary school licensure may need to take the Content Knowledge for Teaching (CKT) tests which cover the following subjects:

  • Reading and Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
The CKT tests are four separate subtests that take 4 hours and 45 minutes to complete.

What Praxis exams you need to take depends on your teaching specialty and your state's Board of Education requirements.

You may see the terms "Praxis II exam" and "Praxis Subject Assessments" used interchangeably, but the best Praxis resources will have been updated to reflect the new name. Some of the test content was changed along with the name, so make sure you only use high-quality exam prep like interactive Praxis practice questions from Exam Edge.

How Hard Is the Praxis Exam?

That's a difficult question to answer because many people who have the required content knowledge and skills still may not know how to pass the Praxis II exam. According to one study, less than half of test-takers passed the Praxis elementary education content exam on the first try, lower than most other professions' pass rates on their licensing exams.

Praxis test-takers reportedly find answering the constructed response questions particularly challenging. Skilled writers have scored lower than expected on the essay portion, not because of the quality of their writing, but because they did not know how to align their response closely enough to the question's wording.

Along with paying close attention to wording, learning the language of exams is crucial. Praxis tips like identifying which words in the questions allow you to eliminate answers quickly can decrease your time and increase your accuracy.

Here at Exam Edge, we stress that test-taking is a skill. Know more than just the material; know how to take the test. There are specific strategies for Praxis II exam success, and you can uncover them through high-quality Praxis II practice tests and a personalized study guide.

Where Can I Find Praxis II Study Guides?

The best study guide is the one that was made just for you. A static, possibly out-of-date Praxis II study guide will not lead you to the same success as taking an interactive Praxis practice exam to identify your weaknesses. Armed with new insight, the time you spend studying for the Praxis can be well spent on the areas where you stand to gain the most points.

There are many reasons why taking practice tests will help you pass, but our top Praxis tip for passing the Praxis is using a top-tier practice test to create your own individualized study guide.

Other Tips For Passing the Praxis

Research suggests taking a practice exam in the week before the test has the largest effect on improved test performance. Therefore, it is advisable to take another Praxis II practice test just before the big day.

This is a problem if you only have one practice test. Some test prep providers only offer one version of a Praxis practice exam, but Exam Edge's 5-test bundle allows you to take each multiple times, giving you far more exposure to Praxis practice questions.

Finally, remember you are not penalized for wrong answers, so always select an answer. That's right, our Praxis study tips include guessing! Hopefully, it will only come to that in the rarest of instances by following Exam Edge's advice on how to pass the Praxis II exam.

Take the First Step in Passing the Praxis With Exam Edge

Now that you know how to study for the Praxis II exam, you can get more Praxis information and experience the Exam Edge difference for yourself with a free practice test. With Exam Edge, you control the timing of your practice exams so you can complete them under timed conditions or at your own pace. Or choose "Explanation" mode, the perfect study companion for the beginner. Pass the Praxis and discover how powerful learning can be when you partner with the experts at Exam Edge.