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NYSTCE Practice Tests by Exam Edge | Updated 2020

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Becoming a teacher is not easy. After four (or sometimes more) years of school, internships, student teaching, and other hurdles, prospective teachers face one final challenge: an exam. Such tests result in many unique certifications based on geographical location, subject matter expertise, and federal standards.

Navigating this maze of certifications is difficult, but important. All teachers are subject to both federal and state level certification to ensure their competency and understanding of what they teach. In the state of New York, educators are subject to the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations, or NYSTCE. Thankfully, NYSTCE practice tests are available to help prospective teachers achieve the scores they need to pass.

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Who Should Get It?

The NYSTCE certification is required for any and all prospective teachers in the state of New York, whether they go through a traditional degree path or a lateral entry program. Additional certifications and exams are required for school principals, technology specialists, and district-level administrative staff.

Most NYSTCE tests are computer-based and run around two hours with a mixture of selected and constructed response questions. Taking NYSTCE practice tests is a great way to familiarize oneself with the format of the exam.

What Are the Most Common NYSTCE Exams?

All New York State Teachers complete two basic exams. The first is the Educating All Students (EAS) test, a baseline exam that tests a teacher’s core pedagogy and competency. The second is a Content Specialty Test, or CST. CSTs focus on the specific subject (Math, Science) and/or student audience (deaf and hard of hearing , visually impaired) that an applicant wants to teach. Bilingual certification - which can give new teachers a significant advantage in the job market - requires its own BEA certification. No matter which version of the test you need to pass, NYSTCE practice exams can help prepare you for the real thing.

Score ranges and minimum passing scores vary based on the test, but the most common EAS exam requires a 520 in a range of 400-600.

How Can I Prepare?

Proper NYSTCE exam prep is extremely helpful for passing the exam on your first try! As one of the first critical moments in a teacher’s career, achieving that minimum 520 score is both important and subject to a tremendous amount of pressure. Finding the right resources for NYSTCE test prep can be daunting. ExamEdge is here to help! offers multiple NYSTCE exam practice tests across all of the NYSTCE certifications. These fully online NYSTCE practice exams emulate both the content and look-and-feel of the real exam, allowing you to not only brush up on your skills but prepare yourself for the high-pressure test day environment. An important part of that pressure is the timer, which you can enable or disable on our exams with ease!

Each of our affordable NYSTCE practice tests draws from a large base of questions; our Educating All Students tests alone are displayed as 15 online practice exams comprised of 630 unique questions.

Not only do they help you get a feel for the exam, but our tests provide detailed explanations for every question you get wrong. This allows them to function as valuable study aids, and with 24/7 availability across all platforms, you can prepare at exactly the right time and place for your routine.

If you’re preparing for the NYSTCE, get started with Exam Edge today! And take a free practice test and see for yourself!

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