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Finally, Realistic Practice Exams for your ANCC Test
with Detailed Explanations for Every Question!
I just wanted to send a testimonial to let you all know what a wonderful resource that your site is for those preparing for FNP boards, especially the ANCC test. I just took my boards on Thursday and PASSED!! Your site was definitely a HUGE part pf my SUCCESS. Your test/question format is almost identical to the test. I would deem ths site an essential component of test preparation. I will definitely recommend your site to others. Thanks a million,

-- Nina B, Baton Rouge, LA

After passing the AANP boards today I knew I had to write a testimonial. This site helped me tremendously! I didn't complete any review courses because I just could not afford to spend $495. I found your site via Google and after reading the testimonials I bought all the tests for a great reduced price. I completed all the tests and I am very happy to say that I was confident, calm, and prepared for this exam. I am now N. Clarke, MSN, FNP, NP-C and I have AANP-FNP to thank! 

-- Clarke, FL

I passed the Nurse Practitioner exam  on my first attempt!  I can't thank you enough!  Your tests gave me the confidence I needed to go into the test relaxed and ready to go. Your test format and questions were right on the mark, which made me even more relaxed as I worked my way through the exam. I will recommend your site to everyone I know that’s preparing for the an NP!!!

-- Jane, FL

Every new graduate from an FNP program knows that your degree is relatively inactive until you pass the a national certification exam.  The stress is overwhelming, especially if you did not have the finances to take an expensive review course.  Welll I am so glad I stumbled upon the Family NP prep website.  I KNOW that this is the reason that I was successful in passing the exam MY FIRST TIME!  The test along with the rationales allowed me to identify my specific areas of weakness and focus my studies. The more exams I took the better I did and the projected scores that Family NP prep provides couldn't have been more accurate!  My only advice to anyone studying is to go ahead and purchase all 20 exams, don't nickle and dime it (like I did) and end up spending a little more.  Most of my other classmates spent $500.00 dollars on a review cource along with other materials, plus the cost of the exam.  What't the difference, I am $500 dollars richer, what do we have in common, we a all CERTIFIED FAMILY NURSE PRACTIONERS!!!!

-- Jennifer , NC

I was referred to you by a friend who took her national exam months earlier and used your prep. She swore by these tests and said it's the only prep she used. I bought two exam books but just didn't have the time to read all of them, and, found myself very frustrated at times when I did answer questions because I seemed to get so many wrong. I did buy your tests, all 20 for ANCC, and reviewed and reviewed and reviewed wrong anwers, rationales, right answers, and, on my first attempt, I passed

-- Roni, Virginia

I found you online while I was desperately searching for exam material that I wouldn't have to lug around. I have referred everyone I know who is planning to take the AANC FNP and Adult boards- I passed yesterday and you were the old source that included all the research and theory information that was never covered at my $395/ 2.5 day long review and poorly covered in my education program. Thank you!

-- Megan , NY

I have to say that this resource is a GODSEND for anyone preparing to take the ANCC exam. I passed, and I highly recommend this resource without ANY hesitation. It's a must!! Thank you!! I'd be honored if you used my testimonial. Trust me I will definitely inform everyone and I mean EVERYONE I know who will be preparing for the ANCC exam to purchase these practice tests. They boost confidence, and gives you a great idea of how the testing enviroment will be. I also liked the fact that it scored you, too, and the rationales were good, too. They are a MUST, and again I thank you!!

-- Tavell, Monroe, Louisiana

Testimonials are exceptional, and not necessarily typical, results.

ANCC Certification Test Prep | ExamEdge.COM

The ANCC Nursing Certifications Exam isn’t just about what you learned in nursing school. It’s also about how quickly and well you can grasp nursing concepts in a high-stress environment. So when it comes time for you to take your nursing exam, it’s a great idea to be as prepared as possible! Exam Edge offers ANCC nursing certification test prep materials that can help you be more prepared so you can make your best score.

Our ANCC exam prep materials give you a feel for how the test itself will be: the format, length and types of questions asked. And because test prep is not just about practice, but about predictability, we’ll let you know after each ANCC practice exam you take both how well you did, and what score you might expect to make on test day. Your test-taking confidence will grow along with your proficiency.

Exam Edge offers a bundle of 5 ANCC practice tests that, together, cost less than taking the ANCC certification exam itself. Many of our customers have told us they couldn’t pass the ANCC exam until they used our test prep methods. Our ANCC test prep materials can help you pass the test in fewer tries, or possibly even the first time -- a big savings of both time and money. 

Exam Edge offers ANCC practice tests in many areas and their subsets, including Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), Nurse Practitioner, and Specialty Certifications. You’ll get detailed results that explain why the correct answer is the correct answer -- a crucial piece of the puzzle in being test-ready.

Sign up today, and we’ll give you a free ANCC Sample Exam so you can try before you buy!


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We offer full-length practice exams for the following subjects:
   Test Name Test

ANCC Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)


ANCC Adult Psychiatric and Mental Health CNS PMHCNS-BC

ANCC Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist AGCNS

ANCC Child/Adolescent Psych and Mental Health CNS PMHCNS-BC


ANCC Gerontological CNS GCNS-BC


ANCC Public/community Health Clinical Nurse Specialist

ANCC Nurse Practitioner

ANCC Acute Care Nurse Practitioner ACNP-BC

ANCC Adult Nurse Practitioner ANP-BC

ANCC Adult Psychiatric and Mental Health NP PMHNP-BC

ANCC Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner AGACNP-BC

ANCC Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner AGPCNP-BC

ANCC Family Nurse Practitioner FNP-BC

ANCC Gerontological Nurse Practitioner GNP-BC

ANCC Nursing Professional Development NPD-BC

ANCC Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner PNP-BC

ANCC Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner PMHNP-BC

ANCC Specialty Certifications

ANCC Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioners ACNPC

ANCC Ambulatory Care Nursing RN-BC

ANCC Cardiac Vascular Nursing RN-BC

ANCC Case Management Nursing RN-BC

ANCC Community Health Nursing

ANCC General Nursing Exam CNS-BC

ANCC Gerontological Nursing RN-BC

ANCC Informatics Nursing RN-BC Informatics

ANCC Medical-Surgical Nursing RN-BC

ANCC National Healthcare Disaster Certification NHDP-BC

ANCC Nurse Executive

ANCC Nurse Executive - Advanced

ANCC Pain Management Nursing RN-BC

ANCC Pediatric Nursing RN-BC

ANCC Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing RN-BC

ANCC Public Health Nurse Advanced APHN-BC

AANP - Nurse Practitioner

AANP Adult Nurse Practitioner AANP-ANP

AANP Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Adult-Gerontology

AANP Emergency Nurse Practitioner AANP-ENP

AANP Family Nurse Practitioner AANP-FNP

AANP Gerontologic Nurse Practitioner AANP-GNP

American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE)

AONE Certified in Executive Nursing Practice CENP

AONE Nurse Manager and Leader Certification CNML

CCI® Competency and Credentialing Institute Specialty Nursing

Exam Edge practice tests for the CCI ® Certified Perioperative Nurse CNOR

Exam Edge practice tests for the CCI® Certified Registered Nurse First Assistant CRNFA

MSNCB Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse

MSNCB Certified in Care Coordination and Transition Management CCCTM

MSNCB Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse CMSRN®

National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting

NBSTSA Certified Surgical First Assistant CSFA

NBSTSA Certified Surgical Technologist

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