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Four Things You Should Know Before Your ANCC Certification Exam


Four Things You Should Know Before Your ANCC Certification Exam header

The ANCC exam offers healthcare professionals the chance to advance their nursing careers and prove their ability to provide stellar patient care. Regardless of your area of expertise, you’ll likely need to take an ANCC exam to begin working in the field. The good news? If you’re considering certification, you’re likely already extremely knowledgeable about the test content. While you may need to brush up on some facts and figures and gain a more in-depth understanding of the way the test is structured, you likely already have the wherewithal to pass your ANCC exam.

If you’re looking for a leg up on test prep, we’ve got you covered. Our site is a veritable treasure trove of resources, ensuring you are both knowledgeable and confident in your ability to pass the ANCC exam. Keep reading - and taking as many practice tests as possible – to ensure you get the score you need on the ANCC exam on your very first attempt!

There are Dozens of Kinds of ANCC Exams

The American Nurses Credentialing Center is the largest certification body for advanced practice nursing in the United States. While you might casually refer to your test as the ANCC exam, they actually offer a series of qualifying tests for healthcare professionals. These exams run the gamut; from gerontology to pediatrics to psychiatric and mental health nursing, there’s an ANCC exam for just about every kind of nurse. Before you sign up for your test, be sure you understand exactly which one you need to pass.

Not sure which test you should take? Consult with your school to understand which ANCC exam fits your goals. After confirming the appropriate test for your career path, you can register and begin studying.

Test Content Outlines Can Guide Your Studies

The ANCC offers thorough test content outlines to help inform your exam preparation. These are immensely helpful for understanding exactly what kinds of questions you’ll face on the ANCC exam. For instance, the Family Nurse Practitioner test is comprised of 31 questions about assessment, 39 questions about diagnoses, 65 questions about clinical management and 15 questions about the professional role.

These content outlines can provide a framework for your test prep. In addition to taking plenty of practice exams, it’s worth creating a study schedule for yourself. With enough test preparation, you’ll get the score you need on the first attempt.

There’s No Penalty for Guessing

Some standardized tests deduct points if you answer a question wrong. The ANCC exam, on the other hand, does not penalize you for making your best guess. Leaving an answer blank will have the same impact on your score as making an educated guess. Because of this, it’s best to answer each question on the ANCC exam, even if you aren’t confident in your selection.

This is where practice tests can really help build your confidence. By familiarizing yourself with the structure of the test, you’ll feel more relaxed on the day of the real exam. Should you come across a question you’re not sure about, you’ll be ready to make an educated guess and move onto the next item. Understanding exactly how the ANCC exam works can be a real bolster to your overall performance. Take plenty of practice tests and you’re sure to see your confidence skyrocket.

Other Study Techniques Can’t Compare to Practice Tests

You’ve likely taken plenty of standardized tests throughout your lifetime. When reflecting back on how you prepared in the past, you may notice a common thread: when you used practice tests to inform your exam prep, you likely performed better on the real test. This isn’t a fluke - countless studies have shown the power of practice testing. While flashcards, reading, and notetaking are standbys for a reason, excellent students know that practice tests are what really cinch your score.

The ANCC exam is testing your knowledge of practical nursing concepts, but it’s also designed to measure how you perform under pressure. Many nursing positions are extremely high pressure, with patient lives depending on your ability to perform. By using practice tests to prepare for the exam, you’ll better understand the format and structure of the ANCC test. That understanding can help ensure you’re cool and collected on the day of the real exam.

Prepare for Your ANCC Exam Now

If you’re eager to begin your nursing career, don’t let the ANCC exam get in your way. Instead, tackle the test with confidence. You’ll have the chance to take our practice exams at your own pace, with guidance on why a given answer is right or wrong. In turn, you can use this information to create thorough notes you can refer back to when studying. Exam Edge offers free sample practice tests for new users who are curious about the value we provide. Give us a try today – your future nursing career depends on it!