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ANCC Exam - What You Need to Know



The ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center) test is an exam offered through Prometric for registered nurses who wish to become certified as advanced nursing practitioners. Like the AANP test, the ANCC is used for registered nurses who are specializing in certain areas of advanced practice nursing. Depending on the state, ANCC certification may be required for licensure, but it is typically utilized as a demonstration of the RN's commitment to nursing and the profession. Here are some facts candidates may need to know before they take the test.

Preparing for the ANCC Test

One of the requirements for taking the ANCC test is the completion of an accredited nursing or nurse practitioner training program. These programs are generally graduate or doctoral degree programs. They must also have consisted of a specific number of clinical hours working in the area in which the nurse wishes to become certified.

The cost of the ANCC test will vary depending whether you're a member of a nursing organization, such as the American Association of Nursing Practitioners (AANP). If you are a student and member of the AANP, you'll get the discounted rate of $290. If you're not a member, the cost is $395.

The exams are taken at Prometric sites. Students must contact Prometric to apply to take the test. The student will then receive an Authorization to Test Notice. From this date, the student has 90 days in which to take the ANCC test.

Preparing for the ANCC test should involve several months of studying. Most people recommend at least six months of studying to be adequately prepared. There are several nurse practitioner certification review books students can purchase to assist them in their studies and preparation.

Students can also purchase sample ANCC tests to help them prepare for the exam. The practice exams offer two benefits. They let the student see if they have difficulty completing the exam in the designated time. They also show the student what areas on which they may need more work or studying.

Once candidates determine the testing site where they'll be taking their test, they should try to find out if there are any specific rules or requirements regarding proof of identification or what they can and can not bring into the testing site, etc. In most cases, the applicant must bring a driver's license, U.S. passport or U.S. identification card, but it's better to be sure.

The Actual ANCC Test

The ANCC test consists of 150 to 175 multiple-choice questions as well as 25 pilot test questions, which won't count towards the score. Each test question is good for a predetermined number of points. A perfect score would be 500 points. To pass the exam, the students must have a score of at least 350. The actual time to take the test is about 3.5 hours, but students should arrive early and allow approximately four hours.

Areas of Specialization Offered through the ANCC test

Candidates interested in taking ANCC certification exams have many areas from which to choose. They can choose from nurse practitioner certifications, clinical nurse specialist certifications, and nursing specialty certifications. Within each area, there are several ANCC certifications offered. Get started preparing now by checking out our ANCC page for study tips and practice tests.