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WEST Practice Tests by Exam Edge | Updated 2020

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There are many requirements to become a teacher: you've got to take education classes and graduate from college, get first-hand experience through student teaching and, in the case of Washington teachers, take the Washington Educators Skills Tests. With more than two dozen different exams to choose from, WEST tests ensure aspiring teachers are indeed fit for the classroom. WEST practice tests can help individuals prepare for whatever specific exam they need to pass to become certified to teach.

Exam Edge offers the resources necessary to pass the WEST tests the first time, every time.

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What are WEST exams?

Aspiring teachers must prove their mastery of the subject they wish to teach in the state of Washington. To help qualify individuals, the Washington Professional Educator Standards Board launched the WEST exams. There are two main categories of the tests: Washington Educator Skills Test–Basic, also known as the WEST–B, and the Washington Educator Skills Test–Endorsements, or WEST–E. The WEST-B examines a teaching candidate's grasp of basic reading, writing, and mathematics. The WEST-E, on the other hand, examines the test-takers' knowledge of their given subject area.

Who should take WEST exams?

Anyone hoping to teach in Washington must pass these exams. They help to verify that instructors are adequately prepared for the classroom. It's important that aspiring teachers take these tests seriously and put effort into studying beforehand. WEST practice exams can help ensure that test-takers are confident going into the actual test.

What score do I need to pass the WEST exams?

Each teaching candidate in Washington must take the WEST-B mathematics, reading and writing exams. To pass each of these tests, a scaled score of 240 is necessary. These three subtests have a combined time limit of five hours total. It is advised that test-takers introduce practice exams into their WEST exam prep.

Each WEST-E exam is taken separately, with a time limit of between 120 and 150 minutes, depending on the test. Like WEST-B tests, a required scaled score of 240 is necessary to pass WEST-E exams. All WEST exams are taken on the computer at a designated testing center. No matter what specific test you might be studying for, Exam Edge offers WEST test prep options to ensure you're ready for any question that comes your way. From Biology to Business, Science to Special Education, there is a helpful practice test just a click away.

How to prepare for WEST exams

If you're an aspiring teacher in Washington, you owe it to yourself to be as prepared as possible for your WEST exams. With so much on the line for your future career, it pays to study hard. Of course, traditional study methods like notetaking can only get you so far. WEST exam practice tests are a more thorough way to prepare. Studies show that practice tests can help you reinforce knowledge and train your brain to access information more quickly.

No matter what subject you dream of teaching, Exam Edge is here to help. With our free initial practice test for each user, Exam Edge can give you the boost necessary to pass your WEST tests the first time.