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Updated (2021) Comprehensive CLEP Practice Questions

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When it comes to college credit, few things can make up for the things you learn inside the classroom. The experience a person might have gained while working, volunteering or traveling, though, can be just as educational as traditional college classes. To help give credibility to the experience of non-traditional students, the College-Level Examination Program, or CLEP, was created. These tests give students the opportunity to save time and money by demonstrating their mastery over given subjects. Successful CLEP scores can mean less time spent on introductory courses, less money spent on tuition and more focus paid to the subjects areas that matter most. CLEP practice tests can help prepare students for these exams and ensure the best possible outcome for their future.

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What are CLEP Exams?

CLEP exams are a series of tests developed by the College Board. Students who have prior experience and knowledge of introductory courses can bypass many of the general education requirements with passing scores on CLEP exams. With over 35 different subject area tests, CLEP exams offer a wide array of options for learners who hope to earn college credit. Not to be underestimated, though, CLEP tests demand thorough preparation. CLEP practice exams are a good way for students to familiarize themselves with the content and gauge their readiness for the real thing.

Who Should Take CLEP Exams?

Anyone who is eager to save time and money while furthering their college career should consider taking CLEP exams. Frequently, non-traditional students who return to school after working in their field of interest take CLEP exams to bypass many of the general education course requirements. Military service members frequently take advantage of CLEP exams to jumpstart their studies. Not limited to any one particular group, though, CLEP tests should be considered by anyone who hopes to get credit for the concepts they have already mastered. Even those who are confident in their mastery, though, should undergo a degree of CLEP exam prep. Signing up for CLEP tests is a great start, but preparation is key for a successful result.

What Score Do I Need to Pass the CLEP Exams?

CLEP exams are multiple-choice, computer-based tests. They are scored electronically, and instantly. The only exception to this policy, however, is the essay portion of some exams. These parts are scored by two or more English professors. The essay score is combined with the multiple choice score to be reported as one scaled score. The required score for earning CLEP credit varies from exam and exam. Each school will have its own requirements for CLEP scores. Check with your institution to determine what score you need to earn CLEP credit. In the meantime, pour your energy into CLEP test prep to ensure that you earn the score you need.

How to Prepare for the CLEP Exams

As with any test, the CLEP demands a degree of preparation. Flashcards, notes, and outlines are a great way to begin your studies, but there's nothing quite like CLEP exam practice tests to really guide your test prep. Practice tests can help you spot problem areas, giving you the direction you need when it comes time to study. They are also great for familiarizing yourself with the structure of the CLEP exam. The psychological ramifications of practice tests can't be ignored.

If you're ready to get practicing for your CLEP tests, look no further than Exam Edge. With multiple subject-specific practice tests to choose from, we've got the tools you need to pass your CLEP with flying colors. Get started today with a free sample practice test – after all, there's no better way to determine your exam readiness than by challenging yourself to a practice test!

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