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3 Tips on How to Prepare for CLEP Exams


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A traditional pathway of four-plus years in college isn't always the right move for everyone. But you can't argue with the prestige and job opportunities that a college degree can bring. The CLEP exams, short for the College-Level Examination Program, are designed to enable those with non-traditional education to get college credit for their knowledge and skillset, shortening the time it takes to get a degree.

Getting a CLEP passing score gives you college credit, and the exams cost significantly less than a semester at a university. You save time and money by knocking out those entry-level courses. With that in mind, Exam Edge is here to provide you with the top 3 tips for passing CLEP exams. Spoiler alert: one of the best ways to prepare for the test is to take CLEP practice tests. More on that later.

Which CLEP Exams are Available?

You might want to consider taking a CLEP exam if you have expertise or experience in fields related to the available subject matter. Entry and introductory courses can eat into your finances, require you to take additional semesters in the subject areas that you're truly interested in, and ultimately may waste your time. With CLEP certification, you can bypass those "tedious" courses.

CLEP exams are available in a wide range of fields. You can take these exams for language courses like Spanish, fundamental courses like math, a range of science subjects and more. For example, there are separate tests for biology, chemistry, and natural science. If you are interested in taking a CLEP test to earn college credit and spend your actual college semesters studying the subjects you want to study, check out all the subject areas on our CLEP practice test page.

What You Can Expect on CLEP Exams

Depending on the exact CLEP exam you take, the test can look quite different. For example, the biology exam contains around 115 multiple choice questions, whereas the CLEP math test has a mere 60. Regardless of which exam you're looking to take, you need to prepare well in order to succeed. These exams truly are designed to determine whether you have the requisite knowledge to bypass college courses.

You'll also need to pay to take the exam. At $89 each, on average, the tests aren't super cheap, but they are way less expensive than a semester at college. Still, you'll want to pass the exam especially since you're paying money to take it.

Top 3 Tips for CLEP Exams

Now we get to the good stuff: how to prepare for CLEP exams. The first thing you need to do is study for the CLEP exam. That may seem elementary, but it's a step many forget to take. Remember, the goal is to show that you don't need to take an entire semester's worth of a course in that subject matter. You'll need to be confident in your knowledge base before you take the test.

Tip #1: Mark Questions for Review

There is a handy "review" button on the CLEP exams — use it! If you're unsure about a question when taking the test, just click the review button. At the end of the exam, you can go back and check out all the questions you wanted to review, allowing you to finish all the questions you're sure about and return to the difficult ones.

Tip #2: Don't Stress

Keep in mind that even though the exam is graded on a scale of 20-80, it appears on your transcript as a pass/fail. You don't have to score super high on the CLEP test in order to get college credit. A CLEP passing score is 50, which translates roughly to a D on the A-F scale.

Tip #3: Take Plenty of CLEP Practice Tests!

Practice might not make perfect, but it certainly improves your chances at a passing score. Practice tests help you pass in a variety of ways. Exam Edge CLEP exams have the same number of questions, the same pacing and question style, and the same subject matter. You can do timed or untimed versions, familiarizing yourself with the way the test feels. Then, on test day, you won't be caught off guard and you won't feel any extreme test anxiety. Technically speaking, you've already taken it!

Order Your CLEP Practice Tests Today

The best way to study for CLEP exams is to take our practice tests and use the results to help guide your study habits. Exam Edge CLEP practice tests give you explanations on all incorrect answers, so you know exactly which subject areas you need to brush up on and why. Order your bundle of CLEP practice exams or other college placement practice exams today to get started on your way to saving money and shaving years off your college experience.

If you haven't tried our practice exams before, there's an even better offer. We provide short sample questions so that you can better understand how the practice tests work. Download yours, see the difference it can make, and purchase your set of practice CLEP exams today!