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What is the ASCP?

ASCP stands for the American Society for Clinical Pathology. It's an organization focused on the education, empowerment, advocacy, and certification of medical lab professionals. Getting ASCP certification is necessary for some jobs, but it's always a plus for any job in the medical laboratory field.

Exam Edge provides a comprehensive selection of resources to help you pass your ASCP exams. We also provide a full range of ASCP practice tests so that you can familiarize yourself with the test format and content before taking the actual exam.

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What are ASCP Tests?

The American Society for Clinical Pathology offers more than a dozen credentialing programs, including CA Medical Laboratory Scientist, Histotechnician, and Phlebotomy Technician, to name a few. No matter your professional goals, there is likely an ASCP test right for your medical laboratory career path. Regardless of which certification you opt to pursue, ASCP exam prep can help ensure you're adequately prepared on test day

Do You Have to Take the ASCP Test for Renewal Certification?

You do have to maintain your credentials through the ASCP, as your initial certification will last for a three-year period. However, that doesn't mean you have to retake the ASCP certification exam. Instead, renewals are done by completing a certain number of continuing education credits each year. Even better, the ASCP provides an online portal called the Credential Maintenance Program that allows members to complete renewal applications digitally.

Who Should Take ASCP Tests?

Anyone eager to work in a healthcare laboratory should consider getting certified with the ASCP. Whether you've been working in the field for years or are just beginning your career, ASCP certification is considered a must-have for pathologists and laboratory professionals. Like other healthcare certifying boards, the ASCP aims to qualify professionals before they begin working in the field. Our practice exams can help ensure you earn a passing score on your first attempt by familiarizing you with ASCP exam questions and helping you figure out which subject you need to study more.

ASCP tests range in price. Some are as affordable as $100, while others top more than $500. Since fees are nonrefundable, it's worth spending some extra time on practice tests. They're some of the best investments you can make in your future career. One practice test can give you the insight necessary to direct your ASCP test prep efforts and ensure you're not wasting valuable time on material you've already mastered.

Passing Scores on ASCP Tests

ASCP tests are scored on a scale of zero to 999. In order to pass, you'll typically need to earn at least 400 points or more. The ASCP uses computer adaptive testing, or CAT, to write the test as you take it. You'll get questions of varying degrees of difficulty based on your performance. This kind of exam has its pros and cons but can be very disorienting for those unfamiliar with the format. ASCP exam prep is highly necessary for those who are new to CAT testing.

How to Prepare for Your ASCP Test

ASCP exam practice tests are the perfect way to prepare for your upcoming certification tests. Our practice tests feature both timed and untimed options, are easy to use, and add tremendous value to your test prep experience. They teach you the pacing of the real exam, mimic the experience of the actual certification test, and allow you to craft a personalized ASCP study guide based on your results.

Those are just a few of the reasons why practice tests help you pass your certification exams. They're also useful for de-stressing. By effectively taking the certification test many times before your actual test day, the real experience will seem familiar and non-threatening. Get rid of those test-day anxieties and boost your score by purchasing ASCP practice exams today!

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