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AEPA Practice Tests & Exam Questions

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What is the AEPA? What Do They Do?

AEPA stands for the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments. Property of Pearson Education, Inc., the AEPA tests are part of the National Evaluation Series (NES) of assessments and, as such, are accepted by the Arizona Department of Education for teacher licensure. In short, these exams are crucial for professional educators to take and pass before they are cleared and certified to teach in Arizona.

Certification under AEPA includes a wide range of options. These tests cover a variety of topics and subject matter, including early childhood education, special education, mathematics, and much more. The product of over 400 specialists, teachers, and administrators — all exams in the NES family are considered good indicators of pedagogical competency.

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Why Take an AEPA Certification Exam?

If you desire to become an educator in the state of Arizona, you'll need to be certified before you can begin your career. The state's Board of Education in 1997 began requiring all teachers to pass specific requirements in order to legally hold their positions. Teachers must pass competency and certification exams on the specific subject matter they will be teaching. They must also demonstrate knowledge of professional or pedagogical procedures. AEPA is designed with such requirements in mind, so passing the AEPA NES can certify you as a teacher.

Another reason you may want to take the AEPA test is that the nation is currently experiencing a shortage of certified educators. Getting certified and scoring well doesn't just get your foot in the door of a teaching career. It also helps you stand out as someone who is dedicated to ensuring they provide the students in their care with the best possible level of education. High-paying schools look favorably on certifications, as do both students and parents, so teachers who gather these credentials have a much better outlook in the jobs market than their peers.

How to Prepare for an AEPA Certification?

Exam Edge knows that being a teacher is still a highly respected position, but we also know that it is among the most challenging career paths. You can expect your AEPA exam to be difficult, but that's a good thing! It means passing the NES AEPA exam truly shows that you are competent and capable of teaching the next generation of thinkers, doers, and scholars. To prepare for such a rigorous exam, you'll need to take several steps.

First, obtain a study guide for your specific certification exam. For example, a prospective sixth grade math teacher would want to look into the exact subject matter, question types, and pacing of the Middle Grades Mathematics certification exam as part of their AEPA test prep.

You should also space out your study sessions with increasing intervals of time. This may seem counterintuitive, but it results in better retention, according to the American Psychological Association.

Of course, the best way to prepare for an exam would be to take the test multiple times before you have to face certification. Well, that's exactly what you can do with Exam Edge! As part of our repertoire of teaching-related practice tests, we offer AEPA practice exams for you. These practice tests are designed to mirror the pacing, amount of time, number of questions, question types, and overall feel of the real deal. Purchase your set of AEPA practice tests today or try out a sample quizlet so that you can see what our practice AEPA test questions are like.