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DHA Practice Tests by Exam Edge | Updated 2020

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Nurses, medical technologists, and other healthcare professionals are more in-demand than ever before. While there has always been a need for quality healthcare professionals, the aging of the world's population has put hiring at the forefront of employer's minds. Not a career path to tread down lightly, healthcare careers demand extensive education, training and experience. With a wide range of specialties and practice areas to work within, you'll have your pick of positions once you become properly certified. Regardless of your specific professional goals, DHA practice tests can help you accomplish them with ease.

At we take great pride in our practice tests and their ability to help you pass your Dubai Health Authority certification exam. We are confident in our ability to help you pass your DHA exam and look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

We offer 52 DHA subjects with 945 different exams utilizing 76,250 unique questions specifically designed to help you pass your DHA certification exam. Our DHA practice tests simulate the actual testing experiences by covering the required competencies and incorporating content and the application of skills necessary for you to be ready for opportunities requiring certification by the DHA.

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           DHA Accident and Emergency/ Emergency Room  image thumbnail DHA Accident and Emergency/ Emergency Room (DHA-EMG) Practice Tests

           DHA Central Sterile Supply Department  image thumbnail DHA Central Sterile Supply Department (DHA-CSSD) Practice Tests

           DHA Clinical Dietitians  image thumbnail DHA Clinical Dietitians (DHA-Diet) Practice Tests

           DHA Critical Care Nurse  image thumbnail DHA Critical Care Nurse (DHA-CriticalCare) Practice Tests

           DHA Dialysis Therapist  image thumbnail DHA Dialysis Therapist (DHA-Dialysis Therapist) Practice Tests

           DHA EKG Technician  image thumbnail DHA EKG Technician (DHA-EKG) Practice Tests

           DHA Emergency Medical Technician - Basic  image thumbnail DHA Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (DHA-EMTB) Practice Tests

           DHA Laboratory Technician  image thumbnail DHA Laboratory Technician (DHA-LABTech) Practice Tests

           DHA Medical Laboratory Technologist  image thumbnail DHA Medical Laboratory Technologist (DHA-MLT) Practice Tests

           DHA Medical Surgical Nursing  image thumbnail DHA Medical Surgical Nursing (DHA-MedSurg) Practice Tests

           DHA Medical Technician  image thumbnail DHA Medical Technician (DHA-MedTech) Practice Tests

           DHA Nutritionist  image thumbnail DHA Nutritionist (DHA-NURT) Practice Tests

           DHA Pharmacists Technician  image thumbnail DHA Pharmacists Technician (DHA-PharmaTech) Practice Tests

           DHA Phlebotomist  image thumbnail DHA Phlebotomist (DHA-Phleb) Practice Tests

           DHA Veterinary  image thumbnail DHA Veterinary (DHA-VET) Practice Tests

           DHA Dental Assistant  image thumbnail DHA Dental Assistant (DHA-DA) Practice Tests

           DHA Dental Hygienist  image thumbnail DHA Dental Hygienist (DHA-Hygienist) Practice Tests

           DHA Dental Technician  image thumbnail DHA Dental Technician (DHA-DT) Practice Tests

           DHA Dialysis Technician  image thumbnail DHA Dialysis Technician (DHA-DIaTech) Practice Tests

           DHA General Dentistry  image thumbnail DHA General Dentistry (DHA-GD) Practice Tests

           DHA Orthodontic Assistant  image thumbnail DHA Orthodontic Assistant (DHA-OA) Practice Tests

           DHA Pediatric Nursing  image thumbnail DHA Pediatric Nursing (DHA-PN) Practice Tests

           DHA Bone Densitometry  image thumbnail DHA Bone Densitometry (DHA-BONE) Practice Tests

           DHA Cardiac Interventional Radiography  image thumbnail DHA Cardiac Interventional Radiography (DHA-CI) Practice Tests

           DHA Computed Tomography  image thumbnail DHA Computed Tomography (DHA-CT) Practice Tests

           DHA Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists  image thumbnail DHA Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists (DHA-MRI) Practice Tests

           DHA Mammography  image thumbnail DHA Mammography (DHA-MAM) Practice Tests

           DHA Medical Imaging Technologists  image thumbnail DHA Medical Imaging Technologists (DHA-MI) Practice Tests

           DHA Radiotherapy Technician   image thumbnail DHA Radiotherapy Technician (DHA-RADTech) Practice Tests

           DHA Radiotherapy Technologist   image thumbnail DHA Radiotherapy Technologist (DHA-RAD) Practice Tests

           DHA Sonographer  image thumbnail DHA Sonographer (DHA-SO) Practice Tests

           DHA Vascular Interventional Radiography  image thumbnail DHA Vascular Interventional Radiography (DHA-VI) Practice Tests

           DHA Ophthalmic Technician  image thumbnail DHA Ophthalmic Technician (DHA-OT) Practice Tests

           DHA Ophthalmologists  image thumbnail DHA Ophthalmologists (DHA-OPT) Practice Tests

           DHA Pharmacology  image thumbnail DHA Pharmacology (DHA-Pharmacology) Practice Tests

           DHA Educational Psychology  image thumbnail DHA Educational Psychology (DHA-EducPsyc) Practice Tests

           DHA Marriage and Family Psychology  image thumbnail DHA Marriage and Family Psychology (DHA-FamilyPsyc) Practice Tests

           DHA Psychiatric Nurse   image thumbnail DHA Psychiatric Nurse (DHA-Psyc Nurse) Practice Tests

           DHA Speech Therapist  image thumbnail DHA Speech Therapist (DHA-SPT) Practice Tests

           DHA Speech Therapist Assistant  image thumbnail DHA Speech Therapist Assistant (DHA-SPA) Practice Tests

           DHA Clinical Psychology  image thumbnail DHA Clinical Psychology (DHA-ClinicalPhysio) Practice Tests

           DHA Occupational Therapist  image thumbnail DHA Occupational Therapist (DHA-OT) Practice Tests

           DHA Occupational Therapy Technician  image thumbnail DHA Occupational Therapy Technician (DHA-OTT) Practice Tests

           DHA Physiotherapists  image thumbnail DHA Physiotherapists (DHA-Physio) Practice Tests

           DHA Physiotherapy Technician  image thumbnail DHA Physiotherapy Technician (DHA-PTT) Practice Tests

           DHA  Diabetic Nurse Educator  image thumbnail DHA Diabetic Nurse Educator (DHA-Diabetic ED) Practice Tests

           DHA Assistant Nurse  image thumbnail DHA Assistant Nurse (DHA-AN) Practice Tests

           DHA Biomedical Equipment Technician   image thumbnail DHA Biomedical Equipment Technician (DHA-CBET) Practice Tests

           DHA Midwifery  image thumbnail DHA Midwifery (DHA-Midwifery) Practice Tests

           DHA Practical Nurse  image thumbnail DHA Practical Nurse (DHAPN) Practice Tests

           DHA Registered Nurse  image thumbnail DHA Registered Nurse (DHARN) Practice Tests

           DHA Staff Nurse  image thumbnail DHA Staff Nurse (DHA-SN) Practice Tests

DHA Practice Exams

Anyone hoping to work in the Dubai healthcare industry will likely need to take and pass a Dubai Health Authority certification exam before they begin working in the field. Whether you've worked as a licensed professional for years or are just beginning your career, DHA certification is considered highly necessary for healthcare employers in Dubai. Like other healthcare licensing bodies, the DHA aims to qualify employees before they begin working with patients. Only the best and brightest healthcare professionals will pass these challenging exams! Of course, DHA practice exams can help you prepare and ensure you pass the test on your first attempt.

DHA Exam Prep

There are as many DHA exams as there are specific healthcare career paths. The DHA exam for clinical dietitians, for example, challenges aspiring healthcare workers on their mastery of concepts like patient care, research and methodologies for professional practice. Whether you dream of becoming a veterinarian, a phlebotomist, or an ophthalmic technician, there's a DHA exam for you! No matter which exam you're signed up for, be sure to incorporate plenty of practice testing into your DHA exam prep!

Certification with the DHA isn't optional for healthcare professionals hoping to work in Dubai. Even if you hold a license from another healthcare licensing board elsewhere in the world, you'll need to take and pass a DHA exam in order to find work in Dubai. From dentistry to psychology, nursing to medical imaging, the DHA oversees all licensing for healthcare workers in the country. With so much riding on the outcome of your test, it definitely pays to do as much DHA test prep as possible!

DHA Test Prep

DHA exam practice tests are the ideal way to prepare for your certification test in Dubai. Exam Edge offers complimentary DHA practice tests for new users who are unsure of whether or not they truly need to prepare. Our ten question sample practice tests include both timed and untimed options, just like with the full-length version of our practice exams. Easy to use practice features add serious value to your test preparation experience. By learning how to pace yourself on the practice exam, you'll easily master the pace of the real thing!

If you're in need of a boost ahead of your DHA exam, sign up now for a DHA practice test. Multiple studies have revealed how useful practice testing can be for retaining information, making these practice exams one of the most effective study tools anywhere. Get the edge on your exam with Exam Edge today.