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Updated (2021) Comprehensive Canadian Nursing Practice Questions

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Aspiring nurses in Canada work hard to earn their certifications. Long hours are spent in classrooms, libraries, and coffee shops learning and reviewing the fundamentals and best practices in the field. With one final hurdle to overcome – the Canadian Nursing test – you'll want to be as prepared as possible. Whatever your area of interest or expertise, our Canadian Nursing practice tests can help you ace your qualifying exams and get you into the job of your dreams.

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What are the Canadian Nursing Exams?

The Canadian Nurses Association is a professional organization that helps certify all practicing nurses working in Canada. Their national licensing exam was created to ensure all nurses are educated and experienced enough to work with patients. In order to become licensed, aspiring nurses must take and pass the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination. Other certification exams offered by the Canadian Nurses Association include the Nurse Practitioner Exam and the Canadian Dietetic Registration Exam, but there are more than a dozen from which to choose. Regardless of which one you're taking, it's best to incorporate Canadian Nursing practice exams into your test prep.

Who Should Take Canadian Nursing Tests?

All registered nurses in Canada must complete the Canadian RN exam and earn a passing score before they can receive their license. Canadian Nursing exam prep can make this process more straightforward, especially for those with anxiety about how they'll perform. Many people feel pressured knowing that the test results could make or break their nursing career. By taking as many Canadian Nursing practice tests as possible in the leadup to the real exam, though, you'll gain confidence in your ability to perform under pressure.

Passing Scores for Canadian Nursing Exams

There are a wide range of tests offered by the Canadian Nurses Association, but all are scored out of a possible 100 points. The most popular test, the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination, requires a score of 80 or higher to pass. In fact, every test offered by this organization demands an 80 or higher for a passing score. Regardless of which exam you've signed up for, Canadian Nursing test prep can help ensure you pass on your first attempt.

How to Prepare for Your Canadian Nursing Test

With so much riding on your score, there's no time to waste: take as many Canadian Nursing exam practice tests as possible in the weeks leading up to the real thing. Not only can these tools help you review the concepts you've learned throughout your academic career, but they can also help you better understand the structure of the test. By the time you walk into the testing center to take the real exam, you'll be confident in your knowledge and your ability to perform under pressure.

Exam Edge has an entire library of Canadian Nursing practice tests to help you prepare for whatever licensing exam you need to pass. Sign up now for a free sample practice test. We know you'll love the convenience and versatility afforded by our resources!

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