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ACCUPLACER Practice Tests & Test Prep by Exam Edge


Entry exams like the SAT and ACT have long been accepted as college preparedness tests to gauge a person's readiness for university studies. These qualifying tests are often used to determine whether or not a student is admitted into a given school. The Next-Generation ACCUPLACER test, on the other hand, helps to place students at the correct level of introductory courses. ACCUPLACER practice tests can help people prepare for the real exam.

What are ACCUPLACER Tests?

Unlike SAT and ACT-style exams, ACCUPLACER tests are designed to gauge a student's mastery of a given topic. Serving as a placement style exam, ACCUPLACER helps determine which course would most benefit the student given their current level of understanding. ACCUPLACER practice exams serve to familiarize students with the kinds of questions on such tests.

For example, if you perform well on your ACCUPLACER math exam sections but not as well on the reading and writing portion, you may be placed in a more advanced math course. You may also find yourself placed in a more basic level language class to brush up on your skills. ACCUPLACER exam prep can help ensure you're ready for whatever questions come your way on the test.

Who should take ACCUPLACER Tests?

High school students, college students and even those who are bound for trade programs should consider taking ACCUPLACER tests. The results of the exams can help inform the courses, preparation and opportunities available for both traditional and non-traditional academic paths. Though the results of ACCUPLACER tests will not dictate whether or not a person is accepted into a given school, they can help determine which classes make the most sense for the student. ACCUPLACER test prep is a good idea for anyone registered for the exam.

What score do I need to pass ACCUPLACER Tests?

There are various sections of the ACCUPLACER tests. Each section is scored on a scale of 20 to 120 points. Essay questions are scored on a scale of zero to eight points. Scores are determined by an adaptive test method, which means each question you answer helps determine the difficulty level of the following question. The more questions you answer correctly, the harder the questions will become. Conversely, the more questions you answer incorrectly, the easier the questions will become. There is no passing score on ACCUPLACER exams, but some schools do require a minimum cut-off score. It behooves students to score as well as possible on ACCUPLACER tests in order to take as few introductory courses as possible.

How to Prepare for ACCUPLACER Tests?

There is no better to prepare for the ACCUPLACER than by taking ACCUPLACER exam practice tests. While flashcards and outlines may help you study, there's nothing quite like a practice exam to help familiarize yourself with the kinds of questions you'll face on the real thing. Exam Edge features 20 ACCUPLACER practice exams with unique questions to prepare you for your test. Want a sneak preview of just how helpful Exam Edge can be? We offer free sample practice exams to give you an idea of our value. Get started today with Exam Edge!