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Arizona Teacher Certifications

Exam Edge Practice Tests for Arizona Teacher Certification Exams

Teaching Certification Exams in Arizona

Getting your Arizona teacher certification can be a long and arduous process, but it's well worth it. Beyond completing an approved teacher education program, you will also need to pass several important examinations on your path to becoming a teacher in Arizona. These crucial tests include the Praxis Parapro test and subject assessments as well as the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments (AEPA).

As a leader in the online test preparation sphere, Exam Edge has the resources you need to pass your certification exam>/ the first time. We are your go-to resources for study tips, links to official testing centers, and practice exams that can familiarize you with the layout of the tests you need to take. Below, we will review the specific requirements you'll need to meet if you want to become a teacher in The Grand Canyon State.


How to Become a Teacher in Arizona

There are educational requirements and testing thresholds to meet when you are on the path toward getting your Arizona teacher certification. Before beginning your college career, it's important to ensure that the program you are signed up for is approved by the Arizona Department of Education. Enrollment in out-of-state programs that are not officially approved for an Arizona teaching license may require you to take additional tests before you can begin teaching. You may also need to take courses at approved programs or schools in-state in order to become certified.

Arizona Teacher Education Requirements

All teachers in Arizona must achieve at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college. You must also attend a regionally approved teaching preparation program. Your teaching preparation program likely will require you to perform additional achievements in order to acquire your degree — such as a certain number of hours in the field as a student-teacher.

Arizona Teacher Testing Requirements

To receive your Arizona teaching credentials, you must pass a series of exams designed to test your knowledge, educational skills, and pedagogical prowess. The Praxis family of tests, including those for speech-language pathology and audiology, are required as well as the Arizona-specific AEPA tests.

Importantly, you should know that Arizona does not use the more generic American Board for the Certification of Teacher Excellence tests. While practicing for those tests can help you prepare and pass your AEPAs, since they cover much of the same material. The AEPA exams and Praxis tests are the only exams used in Arizona.

Arizona Teaching License Application Process

The license application process can be confusing for some. First, you'll need to submit to a criminal background check and obtain an Identity Verified Print clearance card. This card has your fingerprint on it for security and safety purposes.

Other requirements for your application for certification include transcripts of your bachelor's degree, proof of completing an approved teacher preparation program, the application fee, and your test scores in the relevant AEPAs. Check out the Arizona Department of Education's website to learn how to submit your application for a teaching license.

Why Take Arizona Teaching Certification Exams?

It's easy to write off these requirements as the mere steps you need to take to become an Arizona teacher. However, the importance of having exam certification and educational criteria for teachers runs much deeper than that. As a teacher, you directly impact the lives and livelihood of the next generation, preparing them for public life, private life, and the workforce.

That's why teachers are still among the most respected professionals, and it's why we need to continue to establish and maintain high-quality standards for new teachers.

How to Prepare for Teaching Certifications in Arizona

In order to pass the exams you need to obtain your Arizona teaching license, it's crucial that you prepare well. At Exam Edge, we believe using teaching certification practice tests is the way to go.

Practice exams have the same question types, subject matter, format, and time constraints (if you choose the timed version rather than the untimed one). This allows you to become more comfortable taking the specific AEPA or Praxis test you'll have to take on exam day, and it also means you can pinpoint the exact content you need to study more. That's a win-win!

In addition to Arizona teaching practice tests, we also offer teaching certification practice exams by state and region. If you know you're heading to Arizona for your career, pick those. If you're still debating between different states, try your hand at a variety of practice tests to better prepare yourself for whichever state you choose.

Why use Exam Edge for your Arizona Teacher Certifications

With Exam Edge online practice tests, youll find an almost exact replica of the real testing experience, with one important exception: we give you valuable feedback on why you got questions right or wrong. Our exams feature easy-to-understand explanations for each answer. This allows you to take extensive notes and build a customized study guide tailored to your precise study needs.

We know everybody studies a little differently, so we offer three different options for taking online practice tests:

Timed - If you're concerned about using your time wisely on exam day, youll want to take a timed practice test. They turn on the same pressure youll feel when you have to complete an exam during a strict time frame. This method defaults the test timing to the same time limit per question as you would have on the day of the actual exam. This is a great way to practice your pacing, particularly if you're worried about not having enough time to finish the test. Exam Edge exam prep can be as laid-back or as disciplined as you prefer!

No Time Limit - This option allows you the freedom to take your time and really ponder each question before responding. Rush-free online exam prep is a good idea for anyone just starting to prepare for an exam. Its the ideal way to test your existing knowledge while illuminating blind spots you may need to revisit in your studies.

Explanation - Unsure of how to kickstart your studies? A practice test in explanation mode can do wonders for your confidence. The questions serve as a study guide, giving you the freedom to see the answers as you take the practice test. Study guide mode is a great way to review the tests content before you take it in a more controlled format. Take notes as you go - its one of the best study methods for those just beginning to prepare.

Standardized tests gauge what you know. They also test your ability to perform under pressure. While its easy to psych yourself out about the entire test-taking process, confidence is often half the battle. By practicing the same set of skills youll use on the day of the real exam, youre sure to rise to the occasion. has everything you need to prepare. Dont take our word for it, though – look to our testimonials page for reviews from satisfied Exam Edge users!