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What is the NCSBN Certified Medication Aide (MACE) Exam & how to pass?


What is the NCSBN Certified Medication Aide (MACE) Exam & How to Pass Exam header

Certified Medication Aides are the unsung heroes of the healthcare field. These professionals can be found in hospitals, assisted living centers, and even correctional facilities. Working directly with their patients, Certified Medication Aides collaborate with registered nurses and doctors to ensure appropriate treatment. Given their important role in modern healthcare, it's no surprise that Certified Medication Aides must first pass qualification exams before entering the profession. The MACE certification exam is just one such test.

Offered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, the Medication Aides Certification Exam, or MACE, helps qualify new Certified Medication Aides for professional practice. It's one of the most popular Medication Aides certification tests in the United States. Designed to gauge the skills, knowledge and professional readiness of aspiring Medication Aides, the Certified Medication Assistant exam demands thorough, extensive preparation. While it's certainly possible to pass on your first attempt, doing so without studying is incredibly difficult. By understanding the requirements for a passing score, you can use your study time wisely and

Understanding the MACE Certification Exam Format

Anyone curious about how to pass the MACE exam should first take time to understand the format. Comprised of 100 multiple-choice questions, the computer-based exam must be completed at an official testing center. In order to pass, you'll need to score at least an 40 out of a possible 50 points. Should you fail your MACE exam, you'll have just one chance to retake the test.

Given how much is riding on your score on the MACE certification exam, you'll want to spend plenty of time studying. Once you've earned a passing score, your name will be placed on a state registry that qualifies you for professional practice. Since the next phase of your career hinges on your MACE exam score, it pays to be diligent in your test prep.

How to Study for the Certified Medication Aide Exam

Start your exam preparation off on the right foot by looking over the content addressed on the test. Questions on Authorized Duties make up 16 percent of the MACE exam questions. Medication Concepts and Measurements comprise another 24 percent of the test. The remaining 60 percent of the MACE exam is dedicated to Medication Administration, Observation and Reporting. Depending on your skills and mastery of these concepts, you may want to dedicate your study time to one, two, or all three of these content areas.

Studies show that distributed practice is one of the best forms of test prep. Rather than cramming all night in the library the night before the MACE certification exam, take an hour each day to address the material. By breaking the content up into more manageable chunks, you'll be more willing to spend time studying. Your brain also becomes trained to retrieve information relating to MACE exam questions more quickly when you use distributed practice strategies.

MACE Practice Exams: Your Secret Weapon

If you're serious about passing the MACE exam on your first attempt, you're going to want to take as many MACE practice exams as possible. Designed to mimic the exact questions, pacing and content as the real thing, practice tests give you an idea of how you would perform if the test were happening today. It's no surprise that
research consistently ranks practice testing as one of the very best forms of exam prep.

All the Certified Medication Aide exam study tips in the world can't help you if you don't know where you stand with the content. By taking a MACE practice exam, you'll identify gaps in your knowledge that you might not have known were there. Your results will also highlight which concepts you've already mastered, freeing up more study time to dedicate to content area blind spots. It's the smartest, most efficient way to study.

How to Pass the MACE Exam

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Get the MACE exam score you need to launch your career as a Medication Aide. Start preparing now to get the psychological advantage you need to walk into the testing center with confidence.