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Texas Teacher Certifications

Exam Edge Practice Tests for Texas Teacher Certification Exams

Are you looking to become a teacher in Texas? Exam Edge has the preparation materials you need to obtain your certification and launch your career. Below, you'll find crucial information about how to pursue and attain your teaching dream.

Teaching Certification Exams in Texas

Before you become a teacher in Texas, you'll need to pass specific qualifications, get your teaching license, and meet other credentialing and certification requirements. These include programs accredited by the Texas Education Agency. Specifically, you'll need to pass certification exams called TExES in the area you wish to teach. At Exam Edge, we help prospective teachers along the pathway to excellence. Our practice exams for teachers in every state mimic the questions, length, and format of the real deal. If you're aiming to become a teacher in Texas, get your practice exams today and start preparing for your future.


How to Become a Teacher in Texas

To become a teacher in Texas, you must receive your Texas teacher certification. To accomplish this, you'll need to enroll in an accredited teaching program. While there is no set number of undergraduate credit hours you must acquire, the state does regulate teaching programs themselves. In order to get accreditation, a college or university teaching program must have 300 hours of coursework. It must also require students to perform 30 hours of in-field work before student teaching.

Texas Teacher Education Requirements

The required 300 hours of coursework must include relevant subjects that meet the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards. For example, your chosen program should teach the code of professional ethics, how to detect a student who suffers from dyslexia, digital learning practices, appropriate relationships and boundaries between teachers and students, and similar issues.

Completion of an accredited teaching program is required in order to receive your Texas teaching certification. In other words, you will need a minimum of a bachelor's degree from a college or university. Then, you'll have to pass your certification test.

Texas Teacher Testing Requirements

The subject matter and grade level you plan to teach will dictate which certification exam you need to take in order to gain your Texas teaching license. However, you will need to pass a general pedagogical exam if you are seeking teacher certification for the first time. This test ensures that you are up to date on acceptable teaching methods and standards. You may not need to take the pedagogical exam if you are applying for a license in another subject area or are seeking Texas teacher certification renewal.

The TExES exams are administered by Pearson. Other certification tests are administered by other parties — for example, the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages administers exams for teachers who seek certification in Bilingual Education or Languages Other Than English (LOTE). These tests require both a written assessment and an oral examination, while TExES does not require an oral section. Additionally, ETS handles the Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL).

Texas Teaching License Application Process

After you have completed your coursework and practicum, you are ready to become a licensed teacher. But how do you get a teaching certificate in Texas? First, you'll create an online account with the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Using this account, the TEA will examine your credentials, including the teaching program from which you graduated.

That teaching program should supply you with information on the TExES exam you need to take for licensure. In fact, your educator preparation program (EPP, or, in other words, your school) is responsible for approving you for your teaching certificate examination.

Why Take Texas Teaching Certification Exams?

Being a teacher is one of the most important and respected jobs in the nation. Educators actively instruct and shape the minds of the next generation, including future scientists, lawmakers, engineers, and more. The reason for taking Texas teaching certification exams is simply because they are one of the core requirements to become a teacher in Texas. If you want to start a career teaching in this state, you must pass these exams.

How to Prepare for Teaching Certifications in Texas?

Like any other exam throughout your educational career, preparation is key. For starters, either download or develop your own Texas teaching certification test study guides. We recommend getting an online copy of a study guide and using practice tests to refine it specifically for you.

Here's what we mean. Practice exams are designed to have the same pacing, subject matter, number of questions, scoring system, and format as the real certification exam you'll end up taking. Our tests also provide real-time feedback with explanations for any questions you answer incorrectly. This allows you to precisely identify where your struggles lie and exactly which areas you need to focus on in your study habits.

Exam Edge is a leader in the online test preparation sphere. We have helped many people just like you attain their professional certification in a variety of career pathways, and teaching certification practice tests are one of our many specialties. But don't just take our word for it. Purchase a set of practice tests for your Texas teacher certification exam above and see how practice tests can help you pass your exams!

Why use Exam Edge for your Texas Teacher Certifications

With Exam Edge online practice tests, youll find an almost exact replica of the real testing experience, with one important exception: we give you valuable feedback on why you got questions right or wrong. Our exams feature easy-to-understand explanations for each answer. This allows you to take extensive notes and build a customized study guide tailored to your precise study needs.

We know everybody studies a little differently, so we offer three different options for taking online practice tests:

Timed - If you're concerned about using your time wisely on exam day, youll want to take a timed practice test. They turn on the same pressure youll feel when you have to complete an exam during a strict time frame. This method defaults the test timing to the same time limit per question as you would have on the day of the actual exam. This is a great way to practice your pacing, particularly if you're worried about not having enough time to finish the test. Exam Edge exam prep can be as laid-back or as disciplined as you prefer!

No Time Limit - This option allows you the freedom to take your time and really ponder each question before responding. Rush-free online exam prep is a good idea for anyone just starting to prepare for an exam. Its the ideal way to test your existing knowledge while illuminating blind spots you may need to revisit in your studies.

Explanation - Unsure of how to kickstart your studies? A practice test in explanation mode can do wonders for your confidence. The questions serve as a study guide, giving you the freedom to see the answers as you take the practice test. Study guide mode is a great way to review the tests content before you take it in a more controlled format. Take notes as you go - its one of the best study methods for those just beginning to prepare.

Standardized tests gauge what you know. They also test your ability to perform under pressure. While its easy to psych yourself out about the entire test-taking process, confidence is often half the battle. By practicing the same set of skills youll use on the day of the real exam, youre sure to rise to the occasion. Examedge.com has everything you need to prepare. Dont take our word for it, though – look to our testimonials page for reviews from satisfied Exam Edge users!