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New Jersey Teacher Certifications

Exam Edge Practice Tests for New Jersey Teacher Certification Exams

Teaching Certification Exams in New Jersey

Teaching is a highly respected job, and it's a career path that can be incredibly rewarding. In New Jersey, just as in all other states, prospective teachers need to become certified and licensed before they can begin their careers. To do that, you'll need to take NJ teacher certification exams. These exams include testing on basic pedagogical skills and specifically designed tests for the content area that you will be teaching.

At Exam Edge, we have helped many people on the path to becoming a teacher in NJ. From practice exams to blog posts and other resources for how to pass crucial Praxis exams, we specialize in providing prospective teachers with the preparation materials they need to score high and launch their careers. On this page, you can learn more about the specific requirements you must meet in order to teach in New Jersey


How to Become a Teacher in New Jersey

NJ teacher certification requirements actually start with enrollment in a properly accredited teaching preparation program, usually through an accredited college or university. Upon completion of that program, you will have to pass both the Praxis I Basic Skills test and the Praxis II exam. These Praxis tests are approved by and used by most state governments, though they are developed and administered by the company ETS.

New Jersey Teacher Education Requirements

First, let's start by assessing what you'll need as far as education goes. To get your NJ teaching license, you must first obtain at least a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university. Additionally, you must have at least a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) on the 4.0 maximum scale.

It's important to know that not all colleges or universities in the state, and certainly not programs in colleges outside New Jersey, are regionally accredited. Before attempting to get your NJ teaching license, you'll need to be sure that your school has regional accreditation.

New Jersey Teacher Testing Requirements

The next step in how to become a teacher in New Jersey is to take the required Praxis exams. The first test focuses on basic skills like reading, writing, mathematics, and pedagogy. In addition, you may have to take an exam on hygiene, substance abuse, and physiology if you do not have college credit for biology, health, or nutrition courses.

The second Praxis exam is more laser-focused, with its questions geared toward the specific subject matter you will be teaching. NJ certification exams have varying passing scores depending on the subject matter concentration and on your overall GPA in your teaching preparation program.

For example, a person with a high GPA who is going to teach chemistry may only need a passing score of 144, while someone with a lower GPA planning to teach Middle School Language Arts may need a much higher score of 180. You can see the full breakdown of test score requirements on the official NJ teaching license page.

New Jersey Teaching License Application Process

If you've completed all the NJ teaching requirements, you're reading to apply for your NJ teaching license. We recommend filing your application four to six months in advance, as the summer often sees many prospective teachers' applications flooding the NJ Department of Licensure and Credentials. When submitting an application, include the following documents:

  • Proof of passing a background check
  • College transcripts showing at least a bachelor's degree
  • Proof of completing a teacher preparation program at an accredited school
  • Completed NJ teacher certification application
  • Passing scores of the aforementioned required exams

You will also need to send along a fee for processing. Currently, the New Jersey Department of Education accepts online applications through the Teacher Certification Information System.

Why Take New Jersey Teaching Certification Exams?

You've got to take New Jersey teaching certification exams if you want to become a teacher in the state. But beyond that, these tests are important for a variety of reasons. They help us ensure that all teachers in NJ are up to snuff, that the future generations of children are in capable hands.

That's why all states have teaching certification exams, and it's why teaching is still such a highly respected profession. The lives and livelihoods of the state's children are in the hands of teachers.

How to Prepare for Teaching Certifications in New Jersey

Preparing for the NJ teaching certifications can be stressful, but Exam Edge is here to help. We have online resources that can help you better understand the requirements you'll face, studying tips that can help you prepare, and much more. But the best way to prepare is through our teaching practice exams.

Practice tests allow you to familiarize yourself with the content and format of the real NJ teaching certification tests. We also provide feedback on incorrect answers so that you know exactly why the correct answer is right and exactly which areas need more focus in your study sessions. Purchase your set of NJ teaching certification practice tests today!

Why use Exam Edge for your New Jersey Teacher Certifications

With Exam Edge online practice tests, youll find an almost exact replica of the real testing experience, with one important exception: we give you valuable feedback on why you got questions right or wrong. Our exams feature easy-to-understand explanations for each answer. This allows you to take extensive notes and build a customized study guide tailored to your precise study needs.

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