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The more you know about the CCS ICD10 exam the better prepared you will be! Our practice tests are designed to help you master both the subject matter and the art of test-taking to be sure you are fully prepared for your exam.

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Certified Coding Specialist ICD10 - Additional Information

What is on the Certified Coding Specialist (CCS): Detailed Breakdown.

When you started your career in healthcare, you set a goal of being a certified coding specialist ccs high on your list. Now you are ready to jump this professional hurdle and earn CCS AHIMA Coding certification by taking the CCS Coding exam. This prestigious credential affirms your professional knowledge and experience in four domains: Coding Knowledge and Skills, Coding Documentation, Provider Queries, and Regulatory Compliance.

The first domain of the CCS Medical Coding exam, Coding Knowledge and Skills, is the most important. This is because it assesses your experience and abilities as a medical coder and also comprises 51.9% of your total score. The topics covered in this section include sequencing diagnoses and procedures, addressing code edits, and reimbursement classifications, among others.

In the second domain, Coding Documentation, you must answer questions related to reviewing health records. Provider Queries, the third domain area on the CCS coding exam, assesses your ability to identify query opportunities and check for compliance.

Finally, the last domain, Regulatory Compliance tests your knowledge of HIPPA guidelines, identifying patient safety indicators, and adhering to AHIMA's Standard of Ethical Coding, and more. Exam Edge CCS Coding practice tests are designed to cover these four domain areas in depth, just as the real exam does.

Exam Edge offers practice tests for other AHIMA exams. You can register for all the AHIMA exams on their website.

How is the CCS Coding Exam Scored?

The CCS Medical Coding certification exam is timed: you will have four hours to answer 115 to 140 questions depending on the number of pretest questions, which are not counted. A passing score, also known as a cut score, for the CCS coding test is 300, which was determined by experts in the field through a process called standard-setting.

Exam Edge creates realistic CCS Coding practice tests by mimicking the real test conditions. They follow the same breakdown, so you get practice answering questions for every domain. Each practice test is timed and CCS Coding exam questions are modeled after the types of questions you can expect on exam day.

What to Expect After the CCS Coding Test.

After you take this computer-based test, your answers will be added up and compared to the cut score. Your results will be available the same day after you complete the exam. If you do not pass the certified coding specialist ccs exam on the first try, you can apply to retake the test after 90 days.

Whether you are taking the test for the first time or doing a retake, Exam Edge's CCS Coding exam prep is the best way to ensure your success. Each test can be taken four times and you can access them from any device 24/7. Purchase a Multi Test Value Pack of our CCS exam prep ICD 10 for great savings as you strive toward success.