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AHIMA Practice Tests & Exam Questions

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With Exam Edge, you access the best American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) exam preparation, starting with an AHIMA practice test multi-pack. You can choose whether to take your AHIMA practice exam timed, untimed or with a detailed explanation. Then, you can take the AHIMA practice tests again and again and still see unique AHIMA practice questions.

The best AHIMA exam preparation reveals your strengths and weaknesses in healthcare content knowledge and allows you to individualize your study. Experience the Exam Edge difference for yourself. Identify gaps in knowledge, sharpen your test-taking skills and build the confidence you need to succeed with an AHIMA practice test.

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What is AHIMA? What Do They Do?

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is a non-profit organization that represents professionals who work in the health information management field. A vital part of the world's healthcare systems, health information specialists handle data related to patient history, care, and other important health records. Tasked with keeping patient data safe and confidential, HIM professionals are at the junction of business, healthcare, and technology.

AHIMA serves as a hub for all things related to Health Information Management, provides credentials and certification requirements to build trust, offers educational opportunities for professionals, and acts as an advocate on the global stage for patient information security.

Do You Have to Take AHIMA for Renewal Certification?

AHIMA certification is a crucial part of working as a health information management professional. The organization offers a variety of credentials and certification opportunities in specific niches called AHIMA courses. Certification allows you to work in the field, add a boost to your resume, and showcase your skills.

Although you must take AHIMA certification exams to get your credentials initially, recertification does not require additional testing. Instead, you must provide proof of continuing education units (CEUs). The exact number of CEUs required within a two-year cycle depends on your specialization. Thirty minutes of educational material is counted as 0.5 CEUs, and you must earn either 20 or 30 CEUs within a two-year period to maintain your certification.

Why Take an AHIMA Certification Exam?

Why do you need an AHIMA certification in the first place? Well, many workplaces require certification as a way to ensure that job candidates know what they're doing. Certification exams are rigorous, regardless of which of the many AHIMA courses you specialize in.

By earning your certification, you open up more job opportunities for yourself as well as improving your standing among competing workers and giving yourself a leg up for higher pay.

How to Prepare for an AHIMA Certification?

Depending on the type of AHIMA certification exam you're interested in completing, you might adopt different preparation styles. At Exam Edge, we offer practice tests for both the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) and Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) certifications. The CCA is considered the entry-level certification for coding professionals while the CCS is for those more experienced in coding inpatient and outpatient records. Since the CCS is the natural progression of the CCA, the CCS certification exam has more questions, covers a broader range of competencies, and also takes longer to complete. Whether you're looking to prep for your first exam or hoping to advance your certification, Exam Edge has you covered.

One of the best ways to boost your score on AHIMA exams is to take practice tests. An AHIMA practice test from Exam Edge is designed to mimic the real certification exam. For example, you can expect each practice test to have the same material as the real deal, the same pacing, the same distribution of questions, and capture the same feel. This can help you identify any knowledge gaps you may want to refine as well as help ease testing anxiety.

AHIMA practice exams are just some of the many practice tests we provide for top healthcare certifications that can impact your career. Purchase a packet of practice tests today to start prepping for your AHIMA certification today!