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What You Need to Know About the TACHS Exam


What You Need to Know About the TACHS Exam

The Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools, also known as TACHS, is an entry exam required of all rising high school freshmen hoping to attend Catholic school in the Archdiocese of New York and the Diocese of Brooklyn. TACHS exam scores, along with student records, help determine whether or not an applicant will be admitted into the school of their choice.

Before you take the TACHS exam, it's helpful to know what to expect. Understanding what score to strive towards, how long you'll have to answer each question, and what study strategies to employ in the weeks leading up to your test can help you feel more confident in your abilities. With so much riding on your score, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. By getting informed about what to expect and employing tried and true study methods, you're certain to ace the TACHS exam!

What to Expect on the TACHS

The TACHS exam takes about three hours to complete. Actual testing time runs about two hours, but another half hour or so on either end of the exam pad out the overall experience. Four sections comprise the TACHS exam: math, reading, written expression and ability. These sections are designed to challenge your knowledge of fundamentals, but also your ability to problem solve using logic and reason.

Each high school will have their own score standards to judge applicants by, but earning anywhere between a 70 and a 99 should be enough to secure your place at the school of your choice. The average score usually comes in at around 50 points, so you'll need to work hard and undergo plenty of TACHS exam prep online if you hope to earn a higher than average score.

On the day of the test, be sure to eat a full breakfast and head to the testing center early. Give yourself plenty of time to check in and get situated. Don't forget to bring a few sharpened number two pencils! By going in with confidence, you're certain to earn the TACHS exam score you need. There are no retakes allowed, so be sure you prepare thoroughly and well in advance of your exam date.

TACHS Exam Study Strategies

As you begin preparing for your TACHS exam, it may be helpful to try your hand at a few TACHS exam sample questions. TACHS exam practice tests can be similarly helpful. Your responses – and whether you got the questions right or wrong – can provide much needed insight into your strengths and weaknesses. Use the results of your practice TACHS exam online to create the ultimate study guide.

Once you've created your study guide, consider how frequently you'd like to revisit the material. Research shows that distributed practice is more effective than all night study sessions. By taking a half hour each day to review the TACHS exam content, you'll train your brain to retrieve information more quickly. This will certainly come in handy on the day of the exam!

When it comes to preparing for this rigorous test, TACHS exam practice tests can be your own personal secret weapon. Use them as you begin studying – the results can help you identify gaps in your knowledge and provide insight into educational blind spots you might not have realized were there.

Taking practice TACHS exams online can also provide a huge psychological advantage. By familiarizing yourself with the content and structure of the TACHS exam ahead of time, you'll feel more relaxed and confident in your ability to pass on the day of the test. Pacing is incredibly important, too, and only TACHS exam practice tests allow you to challenge yourself in the same way.

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