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Five Reasons Why Being a Veterinarian Technician is the Career for You


Five Reasons Why Being a Veterinarian Technician is the Career for You header

Animal lovers who want to share their passion for pets shoulder consider a career as a veterinarian technician. Like veterinarians, these professionals train to develop skills, learn a trade and understand the theory behind animal health and behavior. They must become certified before working in the field. Tests like the Veterinary Technician National Exam , or VTNE, help qualify these professionals for a long career in the veterinary clinic.

Veterinarian technicians work hard to keep daily schedules, routines and laboratory tests running smoothly. They play a vital role in the daily operations of veterinary practices. Technicians also enjoy healthy salaries, job security, and flexible scheduling.

If you're interested in a career that's both satisfying and lucrative, keep reading. Our guide on the perks of becoming a veterinarian technician will excite and inform anyone hoping to begin a new career in this exciting field. Here are five of the very best parts about being a veterinarian technician:

Variety is the Spice of Life

No two days are alike for veterinary technicians. The position centers around the health and wellbeing of the patients, and there's no telling what might walk through the door next. While there are certain mundane tasks associated with the role, veterinarian technicians generally enjoy a wide array of tasks in their daily practice. From performing diagnostic tests to providing emergency first aid and educating pet owners about the health of their animals, there is no limit to the range of duties you'll handle as a vet tech.

This variety is reflected on the VTNE tests required for certification. Before you register for the exam, you'll want to be sure and take plenty of practice tests to prepare yourself for the wide range of topics you're likely to encounter

The Learning Never Ends

Even after you've become certified to work as a veterinarian technician, you'll discover the value of continuing education hours. While not required of all professionals, most veterinary offices like their staff to stay on top of the latest scientific breakthroughs, procedures, and medications. As the industry evolves, you'll likely need to take workshops and seminars to keep abreast with changing best practices.

Those who love learning and are naturally curious about the biology of the animals they work with will appreciate the opportunity to continue learning. If the idea of extra homework makes you nervous, don't fret – once you pass the VTNE, you'll be certified to work as a veterinary tech for years to come.

Adorable Patients Add Fun to Daily Routine

Most veterinary technicians are animal lovers who are eager to share their passion with the world. They often get into the field out of compassion for animals in need of medical care. While the job doesn't come without its sad moments, vet techs typically find their shifts full of wagging tails, adorable meows, and even visits from the odd exotic animal now and then.

Outside of zoos and wildlife refuges, there aren't many jobs that bring you this up close and personal with animals. If you love working with pets and find yourself energized or soothed by their presence, a job as a veterinarian technician might be ideal.

The Work is Emotionally Satisfying

Helping patients recover from illness is always rewarding, but it becomes even more emotionally satisfying when you see the reactions of pet parents. Many bring their animals into the vet's office in fear of the worst case scenario. By helping their pets recover from illness and recuperate from injuries, you provide a balm that soothes all anxieties. Seeing the relief on the faces of worried pet owners provides a kind of satisfaction that can't be found in many fields

Begin Studying for the VTNE Now

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