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Canadian Medical Laboratory Assistants - Additional Information

What Is on the CSMLS CMLA: Detailed Breakdown.

The Canadian Medical Laboratory Assistants exam is just one of the many tests offered by the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science. Topics covered by the test include safe work practices, data and specimen collection, pre-analytical procedures, reagent preparation, communication and interaction, quality management, professional practice, and critical thinking.

The CSMLS CMLA exam features 150 multiple choice questions to be answered over the course of a two-hour and 30-minute testing window. Earn a score within the passing CSMLS CMLA exam score range and you'll be well prepared to launch a long and successful career ahead. A CSMLS CMLA practice exam can help you earn the score you need.

How Is the CSMLS CMLA Scored?

The CSMLS CMLA exam is scored based on an exam pass point. Also known as a cut score, this figure varies from test to test, but generally falls within the 60 to 80 percent range.

Administrators use this scoring method to ensure that only the most qualified of examinees earn a passing score. The number is chosen by subject matter experts who are asked to assign a probability of how many minimally qualified candidates would answer each item correctly. Unfortunately, cut scores aren't generally released to the public, so you'll only know whether you passed until after you've taken the exam.

What to Expect After the Test.

They say patience is a virtue, and that's true for anyone who has ever taken the CSMLS CMLA exam. You'll have to wait 45 days before receiving your results. If you didn't pass, there's still reason to be hopeful. CSMLS allows for retakes - but it's best not to sign up until you've taken and passed several CSMLS CMLA practice exams. These tests take valuable time and money, and you'll want to ensure you can pass before you register to take a CSMLS CMLA exam.

Getting certified as a medical laboratory assistant in Canada doesn't have to be hard. Practice testing has proven to be one of the most effective forms of exam prep. Incorporate practice CSMLS CMLA test questions into your study routine and you're sure to earn the score you need.