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The more you know about the SHRM CP exam the better prepared you will be! Our practice tests are designed to help you master both the subject matter and the art of test-taking to be sure you are fully prepared for your exam.

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SHRM Certified Professional - Additional Information

What is on the SHRM CP: Detailed Breakdown

The SHRM CP is a computer-based multiple-choice exam featuring 160 questions to be answered during a four-hour testing period. It covers content that all Human Resources professionals should know to find success long-term. The material covers leadership, business, interpersonal skills, the management of employees, organization, and workplace best practices.

If an examinee can address questions across these subjects, they'll have no trouble earning a passing score on the SHRM CP exam. Of course, a little practice never hurts - an SHRM CP practice test can go a long way to help an examinee prepare.

How is the SHRM CP Scored?

The SHRM CP certification exam is scored based on passing scores set by a panel of experienced Human Resources professionals. They evaluate each new version of the test and assign a minimum score threshold that examinees must meet in order to pass.

A person's raw score will reflect the number of questions they get right out of the 130 test items that count towards the overall score. Upon reporting the results to examinees, the SHRM converts the raw score to a scaled score from 120-200 points. While it may sound confusing, this process helps eliminate biases and ensure fair scoring across test versions.

While it can be hard to know what precise score to shoot for when going through SHRM CP exam prep, understanding the weight of each content category can help. For instance, 18.5 percent of questions of the SHRM CP are dedicated to interpersonal relationships. By spending the same percentage of your exam prep time devoted to that category, you can take a balanced approach to studying. Of course, adding in a few SHRM practice tests to your routine can help maintain that balance.

What to Expect After the Test.

After your SHRM CP, you can expect to learn of the results within five to six weeks. Depending on your performance, you may be able to negotiate a promotion or raise based on your new SHRM CP certification. Careers in Human Resources can be taken to new heights once you've taken and passed this exam.

Unfortunately, not everyone passes the SHRM CP on their first attempt. There are no limits on the number of times you can retake the test, but given how expensive registration fees are, you'll want to be efficient with your exam prep efforts. By incorporating practice tests into your routine, you'll know exactly wh