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Understanding Your ARRT Exam Results


Understanding Your ARRT Exam Results header

American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification, especially with solid ARRT exam results, demonstrates your ability to work in the healthcare industry in the radiologic sciences across professional disciplines such as radiography, sonography and radiation therapy.

With an ARRT passing score, you can earn ARRT certification and registration, getting you qualified for the jobs you want and showing your professional competency in patient care.

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ARRT Exam Results: A Scaled Scoring System

Before considering ARRT exam results, it's important to understand that the ARRT uses a scaled scoring system, ensuring equity across different exam versions. While using scaled scores makes understanding ARRT exam results a little trickier, the system is an assessment standard for fairness and accuracy.

ARRT Preliminary Test Scores Vs. ARRT Exam Passing Scores

Scaled scores range from 1 to 99, and the ARRT passing score is a scaled score of 75.

At the testing center, after completing your exam, a scaled ARRT preliminary score will briefly appear on your screen. This preliminary score cannot be printed or recorded and is simply a measure for ARRT to ensure the accuracy of the final score you receive.

You should receive your Examination Results Packet in the mail in about a month. The packet contains your official ARRT exam results, including your final scaled score.

You will be able to compare your total score to section scores for each content area, which provides deeper insight into your test performance. Your identified areas of weakness are where to focus your continuing education efforts or study endeavors so you can get an ARRT passing score should you need to retake the exam.

First-time ARRT Exam Pass Rate

Most exam-takers take the ARRT radiography exam. According to the 2021 Annual Report of Exams, the first-time ARRT radiography exam pass rate was 83.6%. Other first-time ARRT exam pass rates from the report include:

  • Nuclear Medicine Technology: 79.5%
  • Radiation Therapy: 79.8%
  • Sonography: 56.1%
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging: 66.3%

I Did Not Get a Passing ARRT Exam Score. How Soon Can I Retake the ARRT Exam?

You have three attempts to get a passing ARRT exam score and three years to complete all three attempts. If it is your first or second failed exam, ARRT will automatically prompt you to reapply to retake the test. Currently, the reapplication fee is $200. If you don't pass on the third try, you must requalify to sit for the exam again.

One thing to keep in mind is that the ARRT regularly updates exam content specifications, so if you are retaking an exam, make sure to check if specifications have changed since your last test date.

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