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Best Study Habits for Preparing for the AANP Exam


Best Study Habits for Preparing for the AANP Exam

A career in nursing offers plenty of options. Whether you see yourself working in the surgical theater or prefer the daily routine of a pediatrician's office, there are no limits on the scope of work to be done as a nurse. With these options, however, come many hurdles - career nurses often continue training and certifying for additional specialty areas for years after they begin. The American Association of Nurse Practitioners offers the AANP exam to help professionals earn such certifications.

If you're hoping to do well on your AANP exam, there are a few tried and true methods of preparation to employ. Along with taking practice tests, these tips can help guide your studying and ensure you pass the AANP exam the first time you take it.

Create a Study Calendar

Whether your AANP exam is six weeks or six weeks from now, it's smart to set up a study calendar to guide your test prep. Start by reviewing what's on the AANP exam. Then take a few practice tests to gauge exactly how well you know each content area. If you've mastered developmental theories, for example, you may want to spend more preparing for the patient-centered care portions of the test. The results of your practice tests can help ensure you're spending your valuable study time wisely. By focusing on the material you need the most help with, you'll be better prepared for such questions on the AANP exam.

The sooner you create a study calendar, the more time you'll have to devote to test prep. Even if you don't stick to the schedule religiously, having a study calendar to remind you of all the benchmarks you want to meet can be incredibly helpful. It's also a good idea to continue taking practice tests after you finish studying each content area. Comparing your scores before and after studying is a smart way to ensure you're retaining information.

Find Your Allies

They say two heads are better than one, and that's never more accurate than when preparing for the AANP exam. Work with your classmates and colleagues to quiz one another on AANP practice questions. Flashcards are incredibly helpful in such groups - the real-time feedback you get from your friends can be very telling of your progress. While such a simple strategy might seem too straightforward for a test as tough as the AANP exam, you may be surprised to find just how effective such a group can be.

Share your study calendar with your group. Map out plans to meet weekly, if not more often, to go over the material. Take practice tests separately and together to gauge your individual and joint understanding of your progress. By routinely checking in with one another on your progress, you're sure to ace the AANP test.

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Practice Tests

Practice tests are truly the best study resource for anyone taking the AANP exam. Not only can such resources help you understand how you'd perform on the test if you took it tomorrow, but practice tests can also help ensure you're studying the right material. While there's no way to know the exact questions you'll face on the real test, a practice exam is as close as it gets. Because practice tests are developed with the real AANP exam in mind, they reflect the proportion of ambulatory medicine questions in relation to the number of advanced diagnostic reasoning questions.

To get the most out of a practice test, you'll want to work smarter, not harder. Take a few practice exams throughout the course of your study schedule and gauge how you're progressing. Since Exam Edge customers can pause their practice tests and take notes on the material, it's never been easier to identify the content areas that need your attention most. Explanations of correct answers are also incredibly useful for AANP exam prep!

Turn to the Experts

When working towards a particular fitness goal, you may turn to a personal trainer for guidance. Similarly, you'll want to rely on the research of test prep experts when studying for the AANP exam. While you know yourself best, the findings new research can ensure you're maximizing your study potential. For example, there are unique benefits to studying in the morning, mid-day, and at night. Read up on the research to make sure you're not inadvertently sabotaging your efforts!

If you're in need of a leg up on AANP test prep, you'll want to take advantage of all the resources you can find. Exam Edge offers a number of practice tests for nurses hoping to pass their AANP exam. Expert-level test prep tools like our practice exams are truly invaluable. There's never been a better, easier or more affordable way to ensure you get the score you need! Get started today with a free sample practice test - you'll be glad you did!