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FELE Exam & FELE Certification Info

Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE)

The FELE is a test for individuals who wish to become school administrators in Florida. To become certified, you must pass the FELE exam.

Step 1: Eligibility and Application

Before you can take the FELE, you need to meet certain eligibility requirements. You must have a bachelor's degree or higher from a regionally accredited college or university, and you must have three years of successful teaching experience in public or approved private schools. Once you've met these requirements, you can apply for the exam on the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) website.

Step 2: Scheduling the Exam

After your application has been accepted, you can schedule your exam. The FELE is offered at various testing centers throughout Florida and nationwide. You can find a list of testing centers on the Pearson VUE's website. You can schedule your exam online or by phone.

Step 3: Taking the Exam

On the day of the exam, arrive at your chosen testing center with a valid ID. The FELE is a computer-based test, and you will have a set amount of time to complete it. Once you've finished, you will receive your scores immediately.

The FELE exam is offered at Pearson VUE testing centers. You can find a testing center near you on the Pearson VUE's website. The Florida Department of Education's website provides more information about the FELE, including study guides and practice tests.

FELE Florida Educational Leadership Examination Exams

FELE Educational Leadership (081)

The FELE Educational Leadership certification test is a comprehensive examination designed to assess the knowledge and skills required for educational leadership roles in Florida. It evaluates candidates’ understanding of leadership and management practices, organizational development, and educational system operations. This test is divided into three subtests: Leadership for Student Learning, Organizational Development, and Systems Leadership. In addition, it includes a written performance section that assesses the candidate's ability to effectively communicate in a professional educational leader role. It is a crucial requirement for aspiring school administrators in Florida.

165 - Multiple Choice
Subtest 1 - Leadership for Student Learning
Knowledge of effective facilitation of positive achievement results - 25%
Knowledge of effective prioritization of student learning through leadership - 25%
Knowledge of effective development and implementation of an instructional framework - 25%
Knowledge of effective structuring and monitoring of a school environment - 25%
Subtest 2 - Organizational Development
Knowledge of effective recruitment and induction practices - 17%
Knowledge of effective practices for the development and retention of faculty - 33%
Knowledge of effective practices that cultivate, support, and develop leaders - 25%
Knowledge of personal and professional behavior consistent with quality practices - 25%
Subtest 3: Systems Leadership
Knowledge of effective decision-making processes that are based on research, best practices, and leadership theory to support the mission, vision, and improvement priorities of schools - 25%
Knowledge of effective organizational theory, research, and management practices related to school operations that maximize a safe and effective learning environment - 25%
Knowledge of effective utilization of resources and fiscal management practices that maximize a safe and effective learning environment - 25%
Knowledge of school legal practices and applications that assure a safe and effective learning environment - 25%

240 Minutes