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ARRT Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Additional Information

What is the MRI Certification?

MRI certification is one of the many credentials offered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). The certification allows you to become an MRI technologist, operating the magnetic resonance imaging tools to create accurate pictures of internal anatomical or physiological conditions. As an MRI tech, you'll also be trained on how to soothe patients while they use the machine in order to create more effective images.

ARRT MRI certification requires you to pass a difficult exam in order to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the field as well as crucial skills you will use in your future job. At Exam Edge, we suggest using our Radiology practice exams and MRI practice exams to help you prepare for the test and get as high a grade as possible.

What is the ARRT MRI Exam like? What to Expect?

There are a grand total of 220 questions on the ARRT MRI certification exam, but only 200 are scored. The vast majority (105, to be exact) are on the topic of image production. In order to pass, you'll also need to correctly answer questions on procedures (neurological, musculoskeletal, and body types), screening and safety, and proper patient care.

Scoring well is crucial to your ability to secure your livelihood as an MRI technologist. However, you will need experience in addition to passing test scores. To qualify for MRI tech certification, you must first record at least 125 MRI images and pass training and education programs in eight different MRI safety procedures. In all, MRI certification requirements include at least 16 hours of continuing education credits in the past two years.

Additionally, you must recertify with the ARRT every year in order to keep your certification.

Why is Taking the MRI Tech Certification Important?

Most states require radiological technologists to become MRI certified before working as an MRI tech. As with othere certifications offered by ARRT, MRI tech certification can help open doors in your career and allow you to perform additional tasks.

Getting credentials like the MRI tech certification is ultimately a way to further your career. Specializations allow technologists to diversify their skill sets, enhance their expertise, and achieve higher wages in the long run.

How to Prepare for the MRI Certification?

MRI ARRT exam prep starts with taking practice tests. Our practice exams feature the same style, format, and question content as the real test. This allows you to discover exactly which areas you need to beef up on in terms of study. Any incorrect answers you select are thoroughly explained at the end of the test, so you know where you went wrong.

As online test preparation leaders, Exam Edge knows that practice tests can help you pass your certification exams the first time! If you're ready to use our practice test's MRI ARRT review questions to prepare for the test and hone your study habits, purchase your set today! You can also download a short, free sample to see how the questions work and how they can take your exam prep game to the next level.