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JCAHPO Certified Ophthalmic Assistant - Additional Information

The daily operations of the typical ophthalmology office fall to a number of professionals. Doctors, technicians and administrative staff all play important roles, but Certified Ophthalmic Assistants are among the most important to the patient experience. Anyone hoping to launch a career in this exciting field should know about the qualifications required. By taking exams like the JCAHPO Certified Ophthalmic Assistant test, you can set yourself apart from other applicants and land the job of your dreams. Of course, it’s always smart to take a few JCAHPO Certified Ophthalmic Assistant practice tests ahead of the real thing!

What is the JCAHPO Certified Ophthalmic Assistant Test?

In order to work as an ophthalmic assistant, you’ll need to successfully pass the qualifying exam created by JCAHPO. Also known as the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology, this professional organization offers resources for both aspiring and practicing ophthalmology professionals. They offer an array of exams to help certify individuals for work in the field. The most entry level test is the Ophthalmic Assistant exam. Whether you’re just beginning your career or have studied ophthalmology for years, it’s a good idea to invest in as many JCAHPO Certified Ophthalmic Assistant practice exams as possible before registering for this test.

Who Should Take the JCAHPO Certified Ophthalmic Assistant Test?

Considered an entry-level exam, those hoping to take the Certified Ophthalmic Assistant test do not need any work experience in order to register. Examinees must have their high school diplomas and complete an accredited training program in ophthalmology before they sign up for this test. If you completed your training program more than 12 months ago, you’ll need to submit JCAHPO continuing education credits for each year since your program’s completion. Whether you just finished up your training or it has been a few years, it’s worth your while to invest some time in JCAHPO Certified Ophthalmic Assistant exam prep.

How Much is Registration for the JCAHPO Certified Ophthalmic Assistant Test?

This professional exam is an expensive one. At $300 per examinee, the test deserves your time and attention – you wouldn’t want to pay the $250 retake fee assigned to those who fail to pass the first time around. Thankfully, there are a number of resources to help ensure you pass on your first attempt. For best possible results, your JCAHPO Certified Ophthalmic Assistant test prep should include plenty of practice testing.

Preparing for the JCAHPO Certified Ophthalmic Assistant Test

If you’re eager to take your ophthalmology career to the next level, there’s no better option than the Certified Ophthalmic Assistant certification from JCAHPO. While some may feel intimidated by the exam, you can boost your confidence by taking a few JCAHPO Certified Ophthalmic Assistant exam practice tests. Research shows that practice tests are the ideal way to retain information and identify gaps in your knowledge. Since Exam Edge offers both timed and untimed versions of this exam, you can test both your speed and your knowledge with a single practice exam. Get started with a free sample JCAHPO Certified Ophthalmic Assistant practice test now!