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DHA Physiotherapists - Additional Information

Physiotherapists are passionate about helping their patients recover from injuries. Before they can begin treating people, though, physiotherapists must first complete training in the classroom and in the field. Even after completing their education, physiotherapists are required to earn a license to practice professionally. With patient health and safety on the line, there's no margin for error. The DHA Physiotherapists exam was created to help measure the skills and talents of new healthcare professionals. It asks aspiring physiotherapists to demonstrate their knowledge and preparedness for their new careers. DHA Physiotherapist practice tests are a great way to prepare for this challenging exam.

What is the DHA Physiotherapist Exam?

The Dubai Health Authority helps standardize the educational and experiential requirements necessary for professional healthcare practice in the country. Since many foreign nationals move to the area for work, the group requires strict licensing procedures to ensure all new healthcare workers are held to high standards. This helps guarantee safe, effective levels of care. One way to measure a candidate's viability is through exams like the DHA Physiotherapist test. Extensive preparation is required to earn a passing score, but DHA Physiotherapists practice exams can help candidates prepare thoroughly.

Who Should Take the DHA Physiotherapist Exam?

If you're planning to work as a physiotherapist in Dubai, you'll likely be required to take and pass this exam before starting a new job. It's a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your skills and your mastery of key principles. Certification is vital for capturing the attention of employers, so anyone serious about a career in healthcare in Dubai will want to register for this test. Undergoing extensive DHA Physiotherapist exam prep can help ensure a passing score on your first attempt.

How Much Does the DHA Physiotherapist Exam Cost?

There are a number of fees associated with the DHA Physiotherapist exam. Initial registration fees will run you AED 220 or $59.89 USD. You'll also be required to pay for Primary Source Verification, which costs AED 935 or $254.55 USD. For the oral assessment portion of the test, a fee of AED 270 or $73.51 is required. Once you've passed the exam, you'll also be required to pay a license fee of AED 1020 or $277.69 USD. Given the expenses associated with becoming a physiotherapist in Dubai, you'll want to ensure you pass this challenging test on your first try. DHA Physiotherapist test prep can help ensure you earn the score you need.

How Many Questions Are on the DHA Physiotherapist Exam?

The DHA Physiotherapist exam features 70 multiple choice questions to be answered during the two-hour testing window. You'll need to earn a passing score of 60 points or more to receive your license. Expect questions on topics including the body systems, therapeutic modalities, professional responsibilities and research and evidence-based practice. Bring yourself up to speed on these important concepts with DHA Physiotherapist exam practice tests.

Prepare Now for Your DHA Physiotherapist Exam

Certification is often the very last hurdle in a long line of education and training. With so many years of preparation leading to your exam, you'll want to walk into the testing center with confidence. Your career goals are so close at hand – don't let test anxiety stop you from starting your new career. Take a DHA Physiotherapist practice test to get insight into how you'd perform if the test were today. It's the quickest way to identify blind spots in your knowledge while eliminating any chance of surprises on exam day.