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FAQ's for Exam Edge DANB's Radiation Health and Safety practice tests

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What score do I need to pass the DANB's RHS Exam?

To pass the DANB's Radiation Health and Safety test you need a score of 400.

The range of possible scores is 100 to 900.

How do I know the practice tests are reflective of the actual DANB's Radiation Health and Safety ?

At Exam Edge, we are proud to invest time and effort to make sure that our practice tests are as realistic as possible. Our practice tests help you prepare by replicating key qualities of the real test, including:

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We have a team of professional writers that create our DANB's Radiation Health and Safety practice test questions based on the official test breakdown provided by the Dental Assisting National Board. We continually update our practice exams to keep them in sync with the most current version of the actual certification exam, so you can be certain that your preparations are both relevant and comprehensive.

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How do I register for the real Dental Assisting National Board?

For up-to-date information about registration for the Dental Assisting National Board, refer to the Dental Assisting National Board website.

What are the DANB exams?

Congratulations on your decision to pursue certification in dental assisting! The DANB (Dental Assisting National Board) exams are your next hurdle. Exactly what can you expect with the DANB exams?

What is the Dental Assisting National Board (DANDB)?

The DANB exams are based on content validation, an analysis of the duties commonly performed in actual dental assisting practice. DANB offers five different certifications: NELDA (National Entry Level Dental Assistant, CDA (Certified Dental Assistant), COA (Certified Orthodontic Assistant), CPFDA (Certified Preventive Functions Dental Assistant, and CRFDA (Certified Restorative Functions Dental Assistant).

The DANB component exams are administered on computer at Pearson VUE test centers. All exams are multiple-choice format containing from 80 questions to 210 questions depending on the exam. The time allotted also varies from test to test with a range of 60 minutes to 165 minutes. Specific information on each of exams, including registration information, exam outlines with topics covered, and reference materials can be found at

Most DANB exams use computer adaptive testing (CAT). CAT adapts to the examinee’s ability level and customizes the exam for a more accurate measurement. Each exam begins with a question on par with the passing standard. If it is answered correctly, the difficulty level increases. If answered incorrectly the level of difficulty becomes easier. The final score is based on the difficulty of the questions that were presented and passed.

Official exam results and certificates will be mailed within 2 to 3 weeks after the exam. Candidates can verify DANB credentials using the online Credential Verification tool.

DANB's Radiation Health and Safety - FAQ Sample Questions

One factor to keep the patient from extra radiation exposure is

Correct Answer:
to make sure that film is properly exposed and correct processing techniques are used.

one essential factor in reducing extra radiation exposure to patients is ensuring that the film is properly exposed and that correct processing techniques are used. this practice is crucial in radiographic imaging processes for multiple reasons:

firstly, proper exposure of the film ensures that the image quality is sufficient for diagnostic purposes without the need for additional exposures. if a film is underexposed or overexposed, the resulting images may not provide clear enough information, leading to the potential need for retaking the radiograph. each additional exposure increases the radiation dose to the patient, which is always a concern in medical imaging.

secondly, correct processing techniques are vital to maintaining the integrity of the captured image. developing the film with the right chemicals, at the appropriate temperatures, and for the correct duration ensures that the final image is as clear as possible. incorrect processing can lead to degradation of the image quality, which again might necessitate further exposures to achieve a diagnostic quality image.

in addition to ensuring proper exposure and processing, there are other key practices that help minimize radiation exposure: - **using fast image receptors:** faster receptors are more sensitive to radiation, meaning that less exposure is needed to produce the same quality of image. this directly reduces the amount of radiation the patient receives. - **collimation of the beam:** by narrowing the x-ray beam to cover only the necessary area of interest, collimation reduces the amount of scattered radiation and minimizes the body regions exposed to radiation. - **avoiding unnecessary retakes:** careful planning and execution of the radiographic technique can help in getting the right image on the first attempt, significantly cutting down on additional exposures.

lastly, the principle of alara (as low as reasonably achievable) underlines all practices in radiography. this principle encourages the minimization of radiation doses and the limitation of radiographic exams to those absolutely necessary for diagnosis and treatment. following these guidelines, along with the specific steps mentioned above, ensures patient safety and effective medical care.

A white part is in the palate on a film. What is the most likely cause?

Correct Answer:
tongue bar.
when observing a white part on a radiographic film in the area of the palate, it is essential to consider various factors that could contribute to such an appearance. one common cause is the presence of a tongue bar, a type of oral jewelry.

during the process of taking a panoramic radiograph, which is a dental x-ray that provides a broad view of the entire mouth, it is standard procedure to remove all metal objects, including jewelry, that can interfere with the image quality. metal objects, particularly those made of dense materials, appear distinctly on x-rays due to their high atomic number, which makes them highly radio-opaque. this means they block the x-rays from passing through, leading to the appearance of white shadows on the developed film.

the tongue bar, if not removed, can cast a radio-opaque shadow over the soft palate area on the radiograph. this appears as a white part on the film, which might be mistaken for an abnormality or artifact. the soft palate is situated close to where a tongue bar would be located when the tongue is in a resting position, hence why the shadow is projected onto this area on the x-ray.

this scenario often occurs because tongue bars and similar types of oral jewelry are sometimes overlooked during the preparation for a panoramic radiograph. patients may not realize the need to remove such items, or they may forget to mention them to the dental practitioner.

in conclusion, when a white shadow is observed in the area of the palate on a dental radiograph, one should first check for the presence of any oral jewelry like a tongue bar. ensuring that all such items are removed before taking radiographic images helps in avoiding misinterpretation of the results and ensures the accuracy of the diagnostic process.