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Exam Edge is an industry leader in online test prep. We work with institutional partners to offer a wide array of practice tests that will help you prepare for your big exam. No matter how niche your field of interest might be, we are here to help you prepare for test day.

See why our users from 154 countries love us for their exam prep! Including 125 reviews for the DANB's GC exam.

Exam Edge is an industry leader in online test prep. We work with institutional partners to offer a wide array of practice tests that will help you prepare for your big exam. No matter how niche your field of interest might be, we're here to help you prepare for test day.

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DANB's General Chairside Assisting - Test Reviews Sample Questions

Pluggers are also sometimes known as which of the following?

Correct Answer:
amalgam condensers.

in dentistry, "pluggers" are tools also known as amalgam condensers. their primary function is to pack soft amalgam into cavities during dental restorations. amalgam, a common material used for dental fillings, consists of a mixture of mercury with other metals like silver, tin, and copper. this material requires careful handling and precise placement to ensure a durable and effective restoration.

pluggers are designed with specific features to effectively perform their task. they may come with either smooth or serrated tips. the choice of tip depends on the dentist's preference and the specific requirements of the dental procedure. smooth tips are generally used for more delicate condensing that requires less force, while serrated tips are favored for their ability to grip the amalgam better, providing more control when packing the material into the cavity.

the physical attributes of pluggers are crucial for their functionality. they are made strong enough to exert the necessary pressure to compact the amalgam firmly into the cavities. however, they are also crafted to be gentle enough not to damage the integrity of the amalgam. this balance is essential to avoid compromising the filling's durability and to ensure it adequately supports the tooth structure.

understanding the role and the design of pluggers, or amalgam condensers, is essential for dental professionals. it not only aids in executing dental restorations effectively but also in selecting the right tool for each specific procedure, ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

Deciduous teeth are sometimes also known as which of the following?

Correct Answer:
milk teeth.
deciduous teeth are commonly known as milk teeth. this term comes from the fact that these teeth are present during the early, milk-drinking years of a child's life. deciduous teeth begin to appear generally around six months of age, starting typically with the lower central incisors and followed by the appearance of other teeth in a set sequence.

humans have a total of 20 deciduous teeth, which include incisors, canines, and molars. these teeth serve several important functions during early childhood. they are essential for proper chewing and eating, supporting the development of the jawbones and muscles, and playing a crucial role in speech development. furthermore, deciduous teeth hold space in the jaws for the future permanent teeth.

around the age of six, deciduous teeth begin to naturally loosen and fall out. this process, which continues until about age twelve, occurs because the permanent teeth start to develop beneath them, pushing them out. as the deciduous teeth are lost, they are replaced by permanent teeth, of which adults have 32, including incisors, canines, premolars, and molars.

the term "milk teeth" contrasts with terms like permanent teeth, which are the second and final set of teeth that one gets, or specific types like premolars and molars, which refer to particular types of permanent teeth. the term "stomach teeth" is not a recognized term in dental nomenclature and does not relate to any actual type of teeth. thus, when discussing deciduous teeth, the correct and common alternative term is indeed "milk teeth."