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THEA Exam & THEA Certification Info

THEA (Texas Higher Education Assessment) is an educational program in Texas that measures the reading, mathematics, and writing skills that students need to perform effectively in college. It's a program of the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

Step 1: Eligibility and Application
To be eligible for THEA, you must be a student seeking admission to a public college or university in Texas. You can apply for the THEA test through their official website or through the institution you are applying to.

Step 2: Scheduling the Exam
Once you have successfully applied, you can schedule your THEA exam. The scheduling can be done through the institution where you are applying or through the official THEA website. It's important to schedule your exam ahead of time to ensure you get a suitable date.

Step 3: Taking the Exam
On the day of the exam, ensure to arrive at the test center early. Bring all the necessary materials such as your admission ticket, a valid ID, and other materials specified by the test center.

The THEA Test is usually taken at your college or university's testing center. If you are not able to take the test at your school, you may be able to arrange to take it at a different location. Contact your school's testing office for more information.

The official website for THEA is Here, you can find all the information you need about the test, including eligibility criteria, how to apply, how to schedule your test, and more.

THEA Exams

Texas Higher Education Assessment Math

The Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA) Math certification test is a standardized evaluation of mathematical knowledge and competency for prospective teachers in Texas. This test covers fundamental areas of math, including number concepts, algebraic methods, geometric concepts, and data analysis. The test is designed to ensure educators possess the necessary skills to teach math effectively in classrooms. Passing the THEA Math certification test is a requirement for teaching certification in Texas and demonstrates a candidate's proficiency in critical mathematical concepts and applications.

50 - Multiple Choice
Fundamental Mathematics
Problem Solving

90 Minutes
Texas Higher Education Assessment Reading

The Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA) Reading certification test is a standardized exam designed to evaluate a test-taker's reading comprehension skills. It is often required for students seeking admission into colleges or universities in Texas. The test includes multiple-choice questions based on reading passages, covering topics such as main idea, supporting details, inference, and vocabulary. The THEA Reading test measures the ability to understand, analyze, and interpret various types of written information, preparing students for academic success.

40 - Multiple Choice
Determine the meaning of words and phrases.
Understand the main idea and supporting details in written material.
Identify a writer’s purpose, point of view, and intended meaning.
Analyze the relationship among ideas in written material.
Use critical reasoning skills to evaluate written material.
Apply study skills to reading assignments.

90 Minutes
Texas Higher Education Assessment Writing

The Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA) Writing certification test is a comprehensive examination designed to evaluate a candidate's proficiency in written communication. It measures the test-taker's ability to write clearly, coherently, and effectively, with a strong grasp of English grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. The test also assesses the ability to organize ideas logically, develop arguments, and support statements with appropriate evidence. Passing this test is crucial for educators seeking certification in Texas, demonstrating their capability to teach writing skills effectively in their classrooms.

40 - Multiple Choice
1 - Essay/
Constructed Response
Recognize purpose and audience.
Recognize unity, focus, and development in writing.
Recognize effective organization in writing.
Recognize effective sentences.
Recognize edited American English usage.
Writing Sample

90 Minutes