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The more you know about the SHRM SCP exam the better prepared you will be! Our practice tests are designed to help you master both the subject matter and the art of test-taking to be sure you are fully prepared for your exam.

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SHRM Senior Certified Professional - Additional Information

SHRM-SCP Exam: Essential Info To Know

SHRM-SCP Exam: Essential Info To Know

Feeling swamped with the thought of taking the SHRM-SCP exam? You're not alone. Let's simplify the process together, breaking down what lies ahead, including the exam format, costs, and why this certification could be a game-changer for your career.

In this blog, we're also shedding some light on the pass rates to set realistic expectations and offering a silver lining for those who might need a second go at it. Lastly, we know the right practice materials can make all the difference. That's why we recommend Exam Edge. Our practice exams are top-notch, offering a real test-taking experience that's as close to the actual exam as you can get.

Keep reading for all the insider tips and strategies you'll need to ace your SHRM-SCP exam.

SHRM Senior Certified Professional - Additional Info Sample Questions

An employee who just started at your company two weeks ago is hosting what he calls “sermons” in the breakroom. Every other day, on his lunch hour, he pulls a Bible from his briefcase and lectures everyone in the room regarding the teachings of Jesus Christ. You called a meeting and asked the employee if reports of these “sermons” taking place are true. He confirms that he does offer these lectures but responds, “Other employees are welcome to leave the room if this discussion makes them uncomfortable.”

By allowing these lectures in the breakroom to continue, the company may be contributing to what?

Correct Answer:
hostile work environment
by allowing these lectures in the breakroom to continue, the company may be contributing to a **hostile work environment**.

a hostile work environment occurs when actions, communication, or behaviors within a workplace create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive atmosphere for employees. in the scenario described, the employee’s practice of delivering religious sermons in a common area like the breakroom—where employees typically relax and take breaks—can be problematic. while the employee has the right to his religious beliefs and practices, using a shared space to conduct religious lectures can impose these beliefs on others who may not share the same views or who might feel uncomfortable with public religious expressions in the workplace.

the employee's statement that "other employees are welcome to leave the room if this discussion makes them uncomfortable" suggests a lack of awareness or disregard for how his actions affect others. this attitude can contribute further to a hostile environment because it places the burden on the other employees to remove themselves from a common area simply to avoid unwanted religious discourse. it is the company's responsibility to ensure that the breakroom remains a neutral space accessible to all employees for relaxation and casual interaction, free from unsolicited and potentially divisive activities.

if the company allows the continuation of these sermons, it could be seen as endorsing or failing to address religious imposition, potentially alienating employees who might have different religious views or none at all. this could lead to feelings of exclusion, discomfort, and even discrimination within the team, thus affecting employee morale and productivity. moreover, if employees feel that the company permits an unwelcoming or hostile environment, it could lead to formal complaints, lawsuits, or issues with employee retention.

to address this issue effectively, the company should establish clear policies regarding the use of shared spaces and the conduct expected within those spaces. these policies should balance employees' rights to religious expression with the rights of other employees to a comfortable and inclusive work environment. the company might consider providing a private space for religious or personal activities or clearly stipulating that the breakroom is not an appropriate venue for conducting any form of sermon or lecture that could be seen as imposing specific personal beliefs on others.

Human resources personnel must be aware of the differences among knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA). Which of the following would be an attribute of knowledge?

Correct Answer:
it is theoretical. 

human resources personnel must be aware of the differences among knowledge, skills, and abilities, commonly referred to as ksas. each component plays a crucial role in the functioning and development of an employee within an organization. understanding these distinctions is essential for effective hiring, training, and employee development strategies.

knowledge refers to the theoretical or practical understanding of an area. this attribute encompasses the information that individuals have acquired through experiences or education. it is primarily about 'knowing' facts, theories, and principles. knowledge is often considered theoretical, as it pertains to the understanding of conceptual information, rather than directly applying it in practical scenarios.

for instance, an employee might have extensive knowledge about statistical analysis techniques, gained through academic courses or self-study. this knowledge includes understanding various statistical models, when to use them, and the theory behind them. however, having knowledge does not necessarily mean the employee can effectively implement these techniques in a real-world business context. that aspect falls more under skills and abilities.

skills, unlike knowledge, are the learned capacity to carry out specific tasks. they are often developed through hands-on experience and training. skills are more about 'doing' something efficiently and effectively. for example, the ability to use statistical software to perform data analysis is a skill. it's not just about knowing what the software does but being able to operate it effectively to achieve desired results.

abilities are the qualities or talents that an individual might possess, which can be innate or developed over time. these often relate to the natural aptitudes someone has for certain types of tasks. for example, an innate ability could be a natural talent for numbers or exceptional analytical thinking.

thus, when assessing the attribute of knowledge among the ksas, it is primarily about the theoretical understanding and comprehension of concepts. knowledge is fundamental as it forms the base upon which skills can be developed and abilities enhanced. it is crucial for hr personnel to recognize that while knowledge is essential, it alone is insufficient for performance unless complemented by the necessary skills and abilities.

SHRM-SCP vs. SHRM-CP: Which Exam Should You Take?

When diving into the realm of HR certifications, you'll likely come across the SHRM-SCP (Senior Certified Professional) and SHRM-CP (Certified Professional) distinctions. Offered by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), these badges of honor are key indicators of your skill level and dedication in the HR field. Let's break down what each certification entails and help you decide which might best align with your professional journey.


The SHRM-SCP certification is designed with the senior HR professional in mind. It's for those who are not just participating in HR activities but are actively shaping HR policies and strategies that align with the broader business objectives. Ideal candidates are those who find themselves in leadership roles, influencing HR practices and steering the direction of their organizations.


On the flip side, the SHRM-CP is tailored for HR professionals who are in the trenches of daily HR operations. This certification is a fit for those focused on implementing HR policies, supporting staff, and ensuring the smooth running of HR functions that align with organizational objectives.

The SHRM-CP is a great starting point for those earlier in their HR careers or those whose roles are deeply embedded in the operational side of HR. It's less about strategic oversight and more about the nuts and bolts of HR practice.

What Is the SHRM-SCP Exam?

The SHRM-SCP exam, short for Society for Human Resource Management- Senior Certified Professional, is a key certification for HR professionals aiming to prove their expertise in strategic management and policy-making. It's designed for those who have already gathered significant experience in HR, typically in a senior role. This exam tests your ability to apply advanced HR practices and strategies in the workplace.

To sit for the exam, candidates usually need to have a combination of formal education in HR, like a degree from a recognized university, and practical HR experience. The specific requirements vary, depending on your educational background and work history.

Everything About SHRM-SCP Exam: Detailed Breakdown

Eligibility and Path to Certification

To qualify for the SHRM-SCP, a robust background in HR is a must. This typically means at least three years immersed in strategic HR tasks— some examples include driving culture change, formulating HR strategies, or developing key policies. If you've already got the SHRM-CP under your belt and have spent three years flexing your strategic muscles in HR, stepping up to the SHRM-SCP is your next move.

Learn our step-by-step on how to get SHRM certified here How to Get SHRM Certified: A Step-By-Step Guide for Success

Exam Structure and Content

The SHRM-SCP exam is divided into two main types of questions: knowledge items and situational judgment items.

  • Knowledge Items: These are your multiple-choice questions. They split into two categories. The first assesses your grasp of fundamental concepts across the 15 HR functional areas. Think of it as checking your HR vocabulary and basic understanding. The second dives into the eight behavioral competencies, which are crucial for any senior HR professional. These questions test your knowledge of topics critical for effective HR leadership and strategy.
  • Situational Judgment Items: This is where your decision-making skills come into play. Also, in a multiple-choice format, these questions present you with scenarios you're likely to encounter as an HR professional. You'll need to choose the best course of action from several options. These scenarios cover leadership, business acumen, and interpersonal relationships, reflecting the complex, day-to-day challenges HR leaders face.

Exam Edge's practice tests make SHRM SCP test prep simple and effective. We offer 15 practice tests with 2,400 distinct SHRM SCP practice questions tailored to reflect real exam questions.

Duration and Timing

Expect to dedicate four hours to the exam, though the actual test time is a bit shorter at 3 hours and 40 minutes, allowing for breaks and instructions. With 134 questions split between knowledge-based and situational judgment types, plus an extra 24 field-test items for research purposes (which don't count towards your score), the exam is a marathon, not a sprint. Flexibility is key, as you can opt to take it at a testing center or from the comfort of your home with online proctoring.

Application and Fees

Exam sessions run twice a year, so mark your calendar to avoid the late registration scramble. Payments for the exam can be made through various channels, all in U.S. currency, ensuring everyone, everywhere, can aim for SHRM-SCP glory.

Members get a financial break, with early-bird registration at $335 and standard at $410. Non-members face higher fees, with early-bird at $435 and standard at $510.

How is the SHRM-SCP Test Scored?

The range of scores for the SHRM-SCP exam is 120-200. To pass the exam, candidates must earn a score of 200. A passing score does not mean you must earn a perfect score— candidates can earn higher than 200, but these scores are not reported.

Exam Edge's SHRM SCP practice tests are designed to match the real exam in both question form and content. Our tests also adhere to the same time limits as the SHRM SCP certification test, so you can also assess your knowledge recall under the pressure of a timed exam.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the SHRM-SCP Exam's scoring mechanism, Understanding the Scoring Process of the SHRM SCP Exam.

What to Expect After the Test

After the exam, you will get your Candidate Score and Feedback report. This report shows your final score, as well as a graph, breaking down your performance per each section. This report provides valuable feedback, especially for test-takers who did not pass.

If you do not pass the SHRM-SCP exam, you can retake the exam during a future testing window. You will be required to reapply and pay the exam fee. More information can be found on the SHRM website. Our free SHRM SCP practice tests are a great starting place for those retaking the exam.

Exam Edge also offers other SHRM practice tests, as well as other professional business practice exams. Preparing for this challenging exam is easy with our SHRM SCP practice tests online. Our practice tests are the best SHRM SCP study guides to help you study smart, not hard. Try our SHRM SCP practice tests free of charge, and buy a multi-pack today to save big.

Advantages of Earning SHRM-SCP Certification

Securing the SHRM-SCP certification is a landmark achievement for HR professionals aiming to excel in strategic aspects of human resources. Let's explore the concrete benefits that come with this distinguished certification.

Elevates Professional Image

The SHRM-SCP is recognized worldwide, instantly bolstering your professional standing. It tells everyone—employers, peers, the industry—that you have a solid grip on the nuances of strategic HR management. Essentially, it's like having an expert stamp on your resume, affirming your dedication and proficiency in human resources.

Opens Doors to Advanced Roles

Armed with the SHRM-SCP, you become a prime candidate for top-tier HR positions. This certification can pave the way to roles such as HR Director or VP of Human Resources, roles that demand a high level of knowledge and strategic thinking. Employers often prioritize candidates with this certification for their proven expertise and strategic acumen.

Leads to Higher Compensation

Statistics show that certified HR professionals, particularly those with the SHRM-SCP, tend to outearn their peers without certification. The recognition of your skills and the potential for taking on greater responsibility can translate into better salary offers and opportunities for advancement. Essentially, the SHRM-SCP can be a significant factor in boosting your income.

Connects You with a Network of Experts

Earning your SHRM-SCP places you in an elite group of HR professionals. This community is an excellent resource for exchanging insights, seeking advice, and keeping up with HR trends. Networking events and forums for SHRM-SCP holders also offer opportunities for professional growth and career development.

Ensures You Stay Ahead of the Curve

Human Resources is a dynamic field, and the SHRM-SCP requires that you keep your knowledge base current. Preparing for and maintaining your certification means you're always learning and adapting to the latest HR practices, laws, and strategies. This ongoing learning process ensures you're well-equipped to handle the challenges of modern HR management.

Reflects Your Dedication to HR

Achieving the SHRM-SCP is a rigorous process that showcases your commitment to your career in human resources. It demonstrates that you're willing to invest time and effort into your professional development. This level of commitment is highly valued by employers and peers alike, setting you apart as a dedicated HR professional.

How To Pass Your SHRM-SCP Exam?

Navigating the SHRM-SCP exam can seem daunting, but with strategies from our team at Exam Edge, you're setting yourself up for success. Here's how you can approach your preparation to ensure you're ready on exam day.

Start Early and Plan Your Study Schedule

Begin your preparation for the SHRM-SCP exam well in advance of your exam date. Allocate specific times each week dedicated to studying and breaking down the SHRM Body of Applied Skills and Knowledge® (SHRM BASK®) into manageable sections. Consistency beats cramming every time.

Utilize Exam Edge Practice Tests

Our practice tests are designed to mirror the SHRM-SCP exam format and time constraints accurately. Regularly taking these tests helps you get comfortable with the question styles and time management, reducing exam-day anxiety.

Focus on Weak Areas

Use the feedback from your practice tests to identify areas where you're struggling. Concentrate your study efforts on these topics to ensure a well-rounded understanding of all the SHRM-SCP content areas.

Engage with Study Groups

Joining a study group can provide valuable insights and different perspectives on the material. Collaborating with peers can also offer motivation and support as you prepare for the exam.

Review the SHRM Learning System

The SHRM Learning System is a comprehensive preparation tool. It's specifically designed to cover all aspects of the SHRM BASK. Incorporate this resource into your study plan to deepen your understanding of HR principles.

Practice Time Management

During practice exams, pay close attention to your pacing. The SHRM-SCP exam requires efficient time management to ensure you can answer all questions within the allotted time. Developing this skill during your preparation will pay dividends on exam day.

At Exam Edge, we stand out as the premier choice for SHRM-SCP practice exams. Our tests are crafted to closely resemble the actual exam, ensuring you're not just prepared but confident. Ready to ace your exam? Let's get started together. Join the Exam Edge family today!