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What score do I need to pass the GAQM APM Exam?

To pass the GAQM Associate In Project Management test you need a score of 70.

The range of possible scores is 0 to 100.

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At Exam Edge, we are proud to invest time and effort to make sure that our practice tests are as realistic as possible. Our practice tests help you prepare by replicating key qualities of the real test, including:

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Do you offer practice tests for other Global Association for Quality Management subjects?

Yes! We offer practice tests for 3 different exam subjects, and there are 45 unique exams utilizing 4000 practice exam questions. Every subject has a free sample practice test you can try too!
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How do I register for the real Global Association for Quality Management?

For up-to-date information about registration for the Global Association for Quality Management, refer to the Global Association for Quality Management website.

GAQM Associate In Project Management - FAQ Sample Questions

The project management plan describes the need, justification, requirements, and current boundaries for the project. It includes the scope baseline contents that includes___________________________________________________.

Correct Answer:
the project scope statement
the correct answer to the question is "the project scope statement." the project management plan is a comprehensive document that outlines the entire plan for a project, including its scope. the scope baseline, a critical component of the project management plan, comprises several elements that collectively define the work necessary for the completion of the project. one of the principal contents of the scope baseline is the project scope statement.

the project scope statement is an essential document that clearly defines the boundaries of the project. it includes detailed descriptions of the project's objectives, the deliverables, and the work that needs to be accomplished to deliver each deliverable. a well-crafted project scope statement provides a detailed outline of the project's goals, the services or products to be delivered, and the results expected from the project.

specifically, the project scope statement contains: 1. **product scope description:** this provides details about the characteristics of the product, service, or result that the project is expected to deliver. 2. **service description and result description:** these sections elaborate on the services that will be provided as part of the project and the outcomes that are anticipated upon project completion. 3. **list of deliverables:** this is a comprehensive list of all the tangible and intangible products and results that are expected to be delivered over the course of the project. 4. **acceptance criteria:** these are the conditions that must be met for the project deliverables to be accepted by the stakeholders or clients.

additionally, the project scope statement is instrumental in identifying key technical issues or concerns that might influence project costs, scheduling, or resource allocation. addressing these issues early in the project planning process helps in mitigating risks and setting realistic expectations.

in conclusion, the project scope statement is a fundamental part of the scope baseline, which in turn is a critical component of the project management plan. it sets the foundation for what the project is expected to achieve and provides a clear pathway for project execution and management, ensuring that all team members and stakeholders are aligned with the project’s objectives and deliverables.

The communications management plan is a component of the project management plan that describes how project communications will be planned, structured, monitored, and controlled. The plan contains all of the following information except: 

Correct Answer:
no resources are allocated for communication activities

the communications management plan is an integral part of the overall project management plan. it delineates how communications within the project will be handled. this includes planning, structuring, monitoring, and controlling all project communications. given its comprehensive scope, the plan addresses several key areas to ensure effective communication throughout the project lifecycle.

one critical aspect that the communications management plan covers is the allocation of resources for communication-related activities. this includes both time and budget considerations necessary for facilitating communication among project stakeholders. the purpose of allocating these resources is to ensure that adequate provisions are made to support all communication needs, which are essential for project success. hence, contrary to the statement that "no resources are allocated for communication activities," the plan indeed specifies resources dedicated to communication.

another element in the communications management plan is the escalation process. this process outlines the specific time frames and the management chain, including names, for the escalation of issues that cannot be resolved at a lower staff level. it is a structured approach that specifies who should be contacted, in what sequence, and within what timeframe, should problems arise that necessitate higher-level intervention. this ensures that unresolved issues are promptly and effectively addressed, preventing potential delays or complications in project execution.

additionally, the communications management plan includes methods for its own updating and refinement as the project progresses and conditions change. this adaptability is crucial because it allows the plan to remain relevant and effective in guiding project communications through various phases and as different needs emerge. it supports continuous improvement in communication practices as lessons are learned and as the project environment evolves.

lastly, the inclusion of a glossary of common terminology in the communications management plan cannot be overlooked. this glossary serves an important role in ensuring that all project stakeholders have a common understanding of terms used in communications. this is particularly vital in projects where stakeholders come from diverse backgrounds or where technical language is prevalent. the glossary aids in preventing misunderstandings and ensures clarity in communication.

in summary, the communications management plan does include resources allocated for communication activities, an escalation process, methods for updating the plan, and a glossary of common terminology. therefore, the information that "no resources are allocated for communication activities" is incorrect and does not belong in the description of what the communications management plan contains. the plan indeed prioritizes and provides for resource allocation to support all necessary communication efforts within the project.