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Understanding what is on the AICPA AUD exam is crucial step in preparing for the exam. You will need to have an understanding of the testing domain (topics covered) to be sure you are studying the correct information.

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Understanding the exact breakdown of the AICPA Auditing and Attestation test will help you know what to expect and how to most effectively prepare. The AICPA Auditing and Attestation has multiple-choice questions The exam will be broken down into the sections below:

AICPA Auditing and Attestation Exam Blueprint
Domain Name % Number of
Ethics, Professional Responsibilities and General Principles 15-25% 19
Assessing Risk and Developing a Planned Response 20-30% 25
Performing Further Procedures and Obtaining Evidence 30-40% 38
Forming Conclusions and Reporting 15-25% 19

AICPA Auditing and Attestation - Exam Topics Sample Questions

Auditors generally prepare either a two-or a four-column ______________________________for the difference between the cash per bank and per books.  

Correct Answer:
bank reconciliation

the correct answer is "bank reconciliation." auditors typically use a bank reconciliation process to verify and align the entries in a company's accounting records with those shown on the bank statement. this process is crucial for ensuring that the cash balances as per the company's books match the actual cash balances as per the bank's records, thereby ensuring the accuracy of financial statements.

bank reconciliations are typically prepared in either a two-column or a four-column format. the two-column format is more straightforward, involving a list of the deposits and withdrawals as recorded by the bank on one side, and a list of the corresponding entries in the company’s books on the other side. this format is primarily used to identify and explain differences caused by timings, such as outstanding checks or deposits in transit.

on the other hand, the four-column bank reconciliation is more detailed. this format includes four sections: two for adjustments to the book balance (additions and deductions) and two for adjustments to the bank statement balance (additions and deductions). this approach allows auditors to comprehensively reconcile all cash receipts and disbursements recorded in the company's books with those recorded on the bank statements, and vice versa. it helps identify discrepancies such as unrecorded bank fees, errors in recording transactions, and instances of fraud.

the preparation of a bank reconciliation by auditors is a fundamental control activity that helps maintain the integrity of financial data. it ensures that the cash recorded in the company’s financial records is complete and accurate, providing reliable information for financial decision-making and reporting. therefore, regular bank reconciliations are essential for effective financial management and governance.

To gain assurance that all inventory items in a client's inventory listing schedule are valid, an auditor most likely would trace ____________________.

the correct answer is: items listed in the inventory listing schedule to inventory tags and the auditor's recorded count sheets.  tracing from the inventory listing schedule to inventory tags and to the auditor's recorded count sheets will provide assurance that the listed items actually exist.  tracing from inventory tags to items in the inventory listing schedule tests the completeness of the inventory listing sheet, not whether all of the items it lists are valid.  it does not directly test the client's inventory listing schedule.  tracing items listed in receiving reports and vendor's invoices to the inventory listing schedule will provide assurance on the completeness of the inventory listing sheet; it will also be a difficult task to accomplish due to the fact that a number of these items will not be in inventory.