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ILTS Early Childhood Special Education (152) Practice Tests & Test Prep by Exam Edge

Updated (2021) Comprehensive ILTS Early Childhood Special Education (152) Practice Questions

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ILTS Early Childhood Special Education (152)

The Illinois Licensure Testing System was created to help qualify new teachers for professional practice. Their exams are often required of new educators first starting their careers in Illinois. The ILTS 152 is just one of the many tests offered by this professional organization. It was specifically developed to measure the skills and knowledge of aspiring early childhood teachers who wish to focus on special education.

School districts frequently rely on scores from groups like the ILTS to decide which candidates to hire. A person's performance on the ILTS 152 can be a solid indicator of how successful they will be in the classroom.

ILTS Early Childhood Special Education Description

Our practice tests simulate the real thing in a number of key ways:

  1. Topics covered
    • Foundations and Characteristics
    • Assessing Students and Developing Individualized Programs
    • Planning and Delivering Instructional Content
    • Managing the Learning Environment and Promoting Students' Social Interaction Skills
    • Maintaining Effective Communication, Collaboration, and Professionalism
  2. Level of difficulty
  3. Number of questions (100 per practice test)
  4. Timed exam, proportional to the number of questions (or untimed if you prefer)
  5. Navigation
  6. The feel of the real test

  • 24/7 access
  • Compatible with any device
  • 3 different testing modes
    • Timed
    • No Time Limit
    • Explanation
  • Detailed explanations

We offer 20 online practice exams with 2,000 unique questions. Our world-class practice certification tests are designed to give you the knowledge you need to pass your ILTS Early Childhood Special Education certification exam. We do this by delivering realistic practice tests that thoroughly prepare you for the ILTS Early Childhood Special Education exam. Taking our ILTS Early Childhood Special Education practice tests will give you the psychological advantage needed to walk into your test day with confidence.

To pass the ILTS Early Childhood Special Education test you need a score of 240.

What is the ILTS 152 like? What to Expect?

The ILTS 152 is a computer-based, multiple-choice exam. Over the course of a four-hour testing window, examinees must answer 125 questions in the hopes of earning a passing score of 240 points or more.

The ILTS 52 covers a wide range of foundational knowledge and skills that all early childhood educators should know. This includes everything from the development of individualized student programs to the management of social growth and student collaboration. As such, the ILTS 152 is a calculated measure of classroom knowledge and one's ability to implement it in an educational setting.

Anyone feeling unsure about their ability to pass this exam should consider adding ILTS 152 practice tests to their study routine. They're a surefire way to boost your score and build the confidence you need to pass on your first attempt.

Why is Taking the ILTS 152 Test Important?

Illinois teachers must take and pass the ILTS 152 if they hope to work with special education students in public elementary schools. It's a requirement for earning your teacher's license in Illinois.

While it's possible to work with private school students without first earning your license, taking and passing this exam will open up many more opportunities for teachers. Licensure sends a clear message to employers that you're both qualified and capable of a teaching position in Illinois public schools.

Of course, it's important to be prepared before registering for the exam. Not everyone can simply sign up and pass the test on their first try. By prioritizing ILTS special education practice exams in the weeks leading up to the test, you can ensure your very best performance on the actual exam.

How to Prepare for the ILTS 152 Exam?

There are several exam preparation strategies and tools to employ in the lead-up to your ILTS 152 test. Research shows that practice testing is one of the most effective uses of your time. By practicing with ILTS Early Childhood Special Education (152) questions, you'll train your brain to retrieve information quickly and consistently. Strengthening this mental muscle pays off in a big way on test day. If you haven't already done so, try taking an ILTS 152 practice test to gauge how you'd do if the exam were happening today.

With your results in hand, use the detailed answer explanations to craft the ultimate ILTS early childhood special education study guide. The practice test will reveal any content areas that warrant further attention and confirm which material you've already mastered. This allows you to create a study routine that's both effective and efficient.

Teachers are among the most well-respected professionals across the world. Don't let an exam get in the way of your dreams of becoming an educator. Get started with an ILTS 152 practice test now!

If you're looking for a silver bullet for your ILTS test, Exam Edge is it. You can even take your first practice test for free!

The benefits of our practice exams don't stop there. Once you have completed a practice exam, you will have permanent access to that exam's review page, which includes a detailed explanation for each practice question! Are you confused by a particular question on the practice test? Simply come back to it after you've completed the exam and get a detailed explanation of what the correct answer is and why. No matter how many times you sit for your actual ILTS exam, there's just no comparing the advantages of Exam Edge's practice tests!

Our proof of success is with our customers. Many of them have contacted us, stating that they failed the real tests until finding and utilizing our site. Invest your study time in our well-constructed ILTS exam practice tests and passing the test becomes a cinch!

Certification exams don't just measure what you know -- they are also a test of how well you perform under pressure. The right type of test preparation helps you familiarize yourself not only with the material you're being tested on, but also the format of the test, so you feel less anxiety on test day. That's the kind of valuable experience you'll get with our practice tests and exam prep!

Here are five reasons you should use our exams when designing your ILTS Early Childhood Special Education test prep strategy:

  1. Once you complete a practice exam, you will be provided with a summary of the number of questions you answered correctly, as well as an estimate of your score on the real exam. We also provide explanations on why the answer is correct.

  2. Our practice tests are designed to have a similar feel to the real test. The number of questions and even the default time limit for each practice exam mimic the actual exam. This way, when you take the actual test, you will already be completely familiar with its basic navigation and behavior. The psychological benefits of such a practice test can be immensely helpful.

  3. Our tests are web-based, so there is no software to install. The practice tests are available to you anytime at your convenience. No matter where you are, you can take our practice tests on any computer or smartphone that has access to the internet. This comes in handy when working in study groups, from a cafe, or wherever you might need some additional test prep support.

  4. If you have to stop while taking one of our tests, you can pause and continue right where you left off. When you continue the test, you will start exactly where you left off, and with the same amount of time you had remaining.

  5. As an "A+" rated, fully accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, we uphold the highest level of business standards.

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ILTS Early Childhood Special Education (152) Test Reviews

I used the practice test preparation materials for three ILTS Early Childhood Special Education tests. I purchased a set of 10 for ILTS Early Childhood Special Education and found them thoroughly and rigorously helpful.. Thsee materials were very helpful and well worth the investment.


Hi team, thank you so much , I took my board exam yesterday and passed. I had tried a few times and failed but your exam content provided me with the knowledge and test taking ability to get the job done. Thanks again will definitely recommend this site to my friends. Thank god when I found you on the internet if I did not past this exam I would have lost my job. Happy holidays to your team. Esmie New York


I just wanted to take a second to rate this program For my VA teacher recertification I needed to take the math Praxis and was not doing well! I ordered a book and unfortunately I did not pass. I then ordered a different online tutoring program and it was terrible and I did not pass again. At this point I was very frustrated but my husband found this program! When I took my first and second exams I got a 154 both times. After using this program I passed with a 181! I would use this program again and I would reccomend it to others who were in the same situation as I was.

Brittany M,

I took this prep course as a last chance, I have been out of nursing school over 15 years and took many prep courses that did not help. I bought the pack of 10 test and only used three and passed they really prepared me to answer the nclex way.

Michelle p.,

Thank you so much for all these tests you guys have. After 5 times not passing my ILTS Early Childhood Special Education test, I finally passed it. And it’s because of God’s encouragement and your amazing tests.

Madonna A.,

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1. Why should I use to prepare for ILTS Early Childhood Special Education test?

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