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ILTS Practice Tests & Practice Exams

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Teachers are held to high professional standards, and Exam Edge helps educators prepare with online ILTS practice tests to take and pass certification exams. The Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS) oversees the development and administration of teacher certification exams for the future teachers of Illinois. Exam prep methods, like ILTS practice exams from Exam Edge, are proven to be effective study guides by showing you exactly what to expect.

Educators are some of our society's most widely respected professionals. Professional organizations like the ILTS help ensure that they're adequately prepared for teaching students of all backgrounds. To best prepare for your ILTS exam, take an ILTS practice test from Exam Edge. The results reveal your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to target your study and prepare more thoroughly. Start getting ready today with an ILTS practice exam from Exam Edge!

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Why Take an ILTS Certification?

School districts in Illinois want to hire the most qualified teaching candidates possible. When employers wade through a pile of resumes, ILTS certified teachers will rise to the top. Each ILTS test is a new opportunity for an educator to demonstrate their mastery of their preferred subject area. Certification is a non-negotiable for those who hope to work within one of Illinois' excellent public schools.

Even outside of the state of Illinois, certification exams like those offered by the ILTS can help bolster a person's teaching career. In many cases, teaching licenses are transferable from state to state. After taking and passing an ILTS exam, you may never need to take another certification test again. While this policy varies by state, most places will require some form of licensure to begin teaching in a public school classroom.

How to Prepare for an ILTS Certification?

There is a wide range of ILTS exam prep resources available online. None are as useful, convenient, or effective as the ILTS practice exams offered by Exam Edge.

Research repeatedly shows the link between practice testing and performance on standardized tests like the ILTS exam. Practice testing is one of the most effective ways to study as it trains your brain to think in the same way you'll need to on test day. The simple act of retrieving information in the same way, over and over again, can have a powerful impact on your exam performance.

Taking practice exams can help you pass your ILTS test. For an added boost, try taking a practice exam before you begin studying. Your results can clue you into which content areas require special focus and what material you've already mastered. Use this information to develop an ILTS exam study guide that's tailored to your precise needs. Since each ILTS exam practice test includes detailed explanations for every question, it's easy to craft a personalized study guide.

Distributed practice has also shown to be an effective form of test prep. In the days and weeks leading up to your ILTS exam, take time to schedule out study sessions. While you might be tempted to cram all night in the library before the exam, it's better to break up your study sessions across several weeks.

Whatever your preferred strategy for ILTS exam prep, allow Exam Edge to guide you through. Our resources are convenient, versatile, and accessible both night and day. Get started with your ILTS exam practice test now!